Tuesday 14 April 2015

So I thought this would be an interesting post considering most of my friends have no clue where Gibraltar is or what the differences actually are in that we're basically just classed as being english, even though we have a very similar culture there are a few thing us Gibbos just do differently. 

1. The pain of having to explain where Gibraltar is and dealing with the "so you're spanish" replies. For those of you who don't know, it is a British overseas territory located on the Southern tip of Europe NEXT to Spain and we are separated by a border. Here's a nice little picture for ya.

2. This then gets a lot more complicated to them when you tell them you speak (in most cases) fluent Spanish. "I live next to Spain but it's a British country but we're known as Gibraltarian's but i do speak fluent Spanish" 

3. Finding how difficult it really is to stick to english when "conversating" with your english pals without adding "eh, pero, noh, eke" mid sentence. 

4. Having to adjust to the switch between Rosto, Potajes, Lentejas, Minestra, "cocletas" and the rest of your mama's dishes to Asda brand microwaved meals and pies. 

5. When you do try and replicate your favourite "llanito" dishes they seem pretty mediocore in comparison to your mums, or your first attempt at a spanish omelette ends up looking something like this. 

6. Trying to explain that you live in a (very nice and botanic) estate without your friends thinking you live in a council flat. (80% of Gibraltar is basically apartments because we do live in a country that has an area of 6km and 30,000 people)

7. Sitting down with your tea and toast at 6pm whilst your friends are having their full on meal. 

8. Once your uni squad has discovered your spanish (llanito) fluency you instantly become the official translator whenever Pitbull, Danza Kuduro, Gasolina or some other fast speed illiterate Spanish song is played. 

9. Filling your suitcase with suncolas (and bringing one extra for 6 flatmates to share/try because you want them all for yourself) , tomate frito, duty free vodka and a pata de jamon if you could. 

10. Contemplating whether selling our cheaper cigarettes in halls will make us the cool kid on campus or make acquire some cig-dealer status. 

11. Having to correct everyone who calls us Gibraltan, Gibish, Giblets or any other form of the word Gibraltar. 

12. Your friends somehow getting the impression Gibraltar is like a mini Ibiza opposed to a tiny country with 3 "nightclubs" and one/two good nights out a week. 

13.  Trying to give your friends an idea of what Gib is like by watching "Britain in the Sun" but then realising it just makes us look extremely boring. Usually leads to questions like "do you keep apes as pets?" "do you all live in huts on the beach?" "do you call the younger Gibraltarians Giblets?" "do you all live up the rock and is it basically like Planet of the Apes" and "Has anyone ever had sexual intercourse with a monkey?" (These are all actual questions i've been asked, like for real.) 

14. Trying to find english equivalents for llanito words such as "quaha" "shikilla' and "ennorta". Not to mention fighting the urge to pronounce certain words the llanito way. 

15. and of course, making it the best destination to bring all your uni friends to in the summer to fully experience our "Wild Wednesdays", National Day and a Gilbert's kebab. 

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