Wednesday 8 April 2015

Hey guys! So last weekend we spontaneously booked a trip to Miami, because you can't spend 4 months in Florida and not visit the 305 right? We managed to get a pretty good hotel for a pretty good price, although we were promised a soundproof room which was not the case when we could hear the room next door singing in the shower (and myself).

We stayed at Design Beach which was a couple of minutes from South Beach. Staying at South Beach would have been the best option but booking a day before you can just imagine the $$$. The transport system in Miami is pretty good (compared to Orlando anyway) so it was pretty easy to get around everywhere! It has to be said the public transport is definitely an experience, the drivers are sassy as f and we were close to witnessing a couple of fights on the buses, to which one man reacted with "think of these tourists!! we don't want to give them a bad impression!"

The culture was great and in a way reminded me of home or the streets of Marbella, Spain. In the way that you hear a mix of spanglish everywhere and I also got to enjoy some of my spanish favourites such as Tortilla de Patata, Montaditos and Croquetas (not as nice as my mums of course)
South Beach probably had the nicest water I have ever been in, clear, wavy and not cold enough that you're running in and out in 5 seconds. Not to mention I managed to top up my tan (and sunburn)

I think the experience would have been a lot different had we been 21, for obvious reasons. We weren't able to enjoy the nightlife and the lively bars on Ocean Drive that featured drag queens, gay bars,men strutting their stuff in speedos and a lot of reggaeton! Although there are some 18+ clubs we planned on going to we spent more time in our towels in bed planning to go out and never actually moved.

Don't Miss.... 

Art Deco 

Found on Ocean Drive, this street is filled with a colourful pastel array of hotels and restaurants that have been features in movies, historical buildings, plenty of nightlife and is also home to some of the oldest hotels in Miami where plenty of stars used to hang out.

South Beach 

If you fancy a beach to chill with a Pina Colada then this is definitely the place to be! Being one of America's most famous beaches this place needs no further description, just go.

Lincoln Road 

Shopping district in Miami Beach where you can also find over 20 restaurants and cafe's for any type of budget and just generally people watch.


We didn't have enough time to visit this area, but if you're into graffiti and art this is definitely a place to check out!

Bayside Marketplace

Found in downtown Miami, this place is filled with restaurants, shopping, entertainment and some great views! Featuring the Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump and Hooters. This place has also been featured in several movies and has the "walk of fame" to prove it. Also provided useful when our bus was 2 hours delayed and we had a lot of time to waste.

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