Tuesday 7 April 2015

So I had been meaning to go watch this since it first got released and finally got round to it on Friday! Being a big disney fan and Cinderella being one of the first and most classic Disney movies I ever watched I was pretty excited to see the live action version.

The cast stars the naturally beautiful Lily James (although her eyebrows are a distraction throughout the whole movie) and the gorgeous Richard Madden (for all of you Game of Thrones fans, Robb Stark!!) I found myself smiling every time he graced the screen.

The movie itself stayed true to the fairytale storyline with a modern twist to it, it didn't drag on so it kept you interested and I found it to be very enchanting. I get very into my movies and I tend to give a running commentary during them which some of my friends appreciate/hate going to the movies with me for. Some parts made me feel angry (that step-mother/sisters were in need of a b**** slap!), happy, sad, enchanted, lustful for prince charming, and you get the gist of it! Not to mention THAT DRESS, if only we could all have fairy god-mothers to whip us up an outfit every Friday night.

VERDICT: It's a movie for all ages as it is based on a classic and will have you feeling nostalgic and all happy inside. Maybe one to see with the girls depending on how much your boyfriend loves you!


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