Sunday 10 May 2015

When I thought about expanding my blog and talking to some talented individuals, I knew Cerys was the perfect person to get the ball rolling! She's young, beautiful and hard working. At just only 16, she has been in the professional modelling industry for just over a year, so I decided to find out a bit more about what she does and the work that goes into being a model.

Hi Cerys! So I understand you've been modelling for about a year now, what is it that got you interested in this industry?

Hi Giana! Well to be quite honest, i'd never really thought about modelling. Although, one day I saw a post on Facebook saying "Model needed for photoshoot with Joanna Kustra" I submitted an application, not really thinking anything of it and Paul Perez got back to me saying that they wanted me to take part in the shoot! It was such an amazing experience (long day though, about 9 hours) I loved it though! I didn't think anything of modelling afterwards to be honest but I just got messages saying "Hi would you like to model for ....?" And it all just kicked off I guess!

Oh wow! They always say that the best opportunities, come unexpectedly and you definitely took advantage of that! So who would you say some of your inspirations are and are there any models who's success you'd love to achieve?

Yeah definitely! Well, my idol would be Cara Delevingne just because she's so unique and she seems so down to earth. Plus she's incredibly beautiful! I also really like Kate Moss too, she has a very iconic look. Hmm, who else... probably, Kendall Jenner just because she has really grown into herself and changed into a supermodel. She also has very thick skin and that is what is needed in this industry

I'd have to agree with you there! Cara and Kendall are definitely different to what you would have seen on the catwalk 20 years ago but are also showing that it's better to be different and unique than just looking like clones. Do you think the modelling industry is an easy one to get into? And would you say it's an easy job?

Definitely not! Firstly (for high fashion modelling anyway) you have to meet the physical requirements. For example, you have to be really tall, starting from 5"8 minimum to about 6"2 maximum for girls. We also have to keep to a strict diet and do loads of exercise, because our measurements have to be between a certain boundary. For example, bust has to be between 30" to about 34"ish... waist has to be between 22" to 26" and hips have to be between 32" to 36". On top of keeping those specific measurements you have to travel a lot and it can be lonely at times because you never stay in one place for a very long time. It can be emotionally and physically draining because there are long hours involved plus you get rejected more times than accepted. Although, it is always worth it when you see the final results. It makes it worthwhile!

Definitely not for me then! I love my chocolate and pizza too much. There's definately a lot more that goes into it than people think, not just looking pretty and posting instagram selfies ei? Speaking of looking pretty, what are a few of your favourite beauty products that you like to use on/off the camera?

Hahaha!! You can treat yourself now and then definitely, people often think it's an easy way to get money.. Well, i don't normally wear makeup on a day to day basis but when I go out, I often use the MAC pro long wear concealer (i rarely use foundation) I also use my beloved Naked 2 palette oh my gosh, its the best! My personal favourite colours are probably tease, chopper and YDK from the palette. Then my YSL baby doll mascara and my MAC lipstick that my best friend got for me for my birthday, please me, the perfect pinky nude.

Yeah you definately don't need it, you're skin is flawless! I'm a massive fan of MAC lipsticks myself, can never have too many red ones. So who are some of the people you've worked with so far? What's been your favourite shoot?

Aw thankyou! I know, I love ruby woo! I've worked with people like Joanna Kustra, Paul Perez, Aroa Nunez, Charlene Figueras, Jayden Fa, Marble Arc, Rosie Mac (Theres so many! Cant name them all haha!! My favourite shoot would probably have to be my first ever one with Joanna, just because the vibes were so positive and all the clothes were stunning! My mum and sister came along too and we all just had a great time! It didn't feel like work, thats the great thing about this industry!

I can imagine! It's always great when you manage to make a career out of something you're passionate about and don't spend every day wishing you were doing something else! So what's next for you then? and what is it you aspire to do long-term?

Exactly! Well, i've got an offer from Milan so i'm going over there after my exams to do some test shooting to build my portfolio and all i can say is that the photographers i'll be working with are amazing and I'm so excited for all of you to see the results! In the long-term, I would love to still be in the entertainment industry even if it isn't modelling. Maybe acting, I do love acting a lot! If not any of that then maybe a drama teacher, but my theory at the moment for drama isn't very good so i don't know how successful that'll be!

Some exciting things ahead then! Well I'm sure whatever you decide to do will work out great in the end, you never know where life will take you. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and best of luck in Milan!

Thankyou! And thank you for having me as one of the people you interview!

Keep up to date with Cerys on instagram on @cerys.kennedy or check out her Youtube Channel here

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