Thursday 14 May 2015

Hi guys!
Thought I'd group everything into one blog post (and means I can be lazy and only do it once a month) and tell you a few of my favourite things!


There definitely had to be a lipstick on this list, and I'm in love with Kat Von D's Vampira liquid lipstick. It dries on matte so no need to reapply it like 20 times throughout the day - that said it's probably more of a night out lipstick and looks great with a smokey purple eye or a golden/brown one!

Victorias Secret have now added hair products to their stores, and their beach wave spray is probably one of my favourite texturising sprays and it actually smells lovely as opposed to a lot of other ones I've tried! It is a bit pricey for what you can get by mixing water and salt in a spray bottle but the bottle is so cute too I couldn't resist.

VS PINKs Fresh & Clean 2 in 1 Wash n Scrub is probably the best smelling thing ever (like strawberry Calpol) 

This is turning more into a Victorias Secret and PINK haul but I did take advantage of their slightly cheaper prices in the US and the more variety! I bought this 12 spray set that was adorable and will probably last me forever and I can now say I have found my favourite scent - Such A Flirt which is white orchid and starfruit. (Their hand moisturisers smell amazing too!)


Two Night Stand - Stars Miles Tenner and Analeigh Tipton, basically they meet online (think Tinder) and then they get snowed in so she ends up having to spend another night at his. Quite funny, and may be quite insightful to some people.

Ask Me Anything - Stumbled upon this on Netflix, and it was definately a lot deeper and darker than what the movie poster suggested. (also has a twist at the end!!) Basically "Britt Robinson" starts an anonymous blog online where she pours ever detail of her personal life out and things get weird.

Requiem For a Dream - We ended up watching this at a friends house after searching for a movie to watch for an hour. It's an oldie and features Jared Leto and is one of those druggy movies. It hasn't got much of a storyline but it was an interesting watch and isn't for the squeamish.


After reading Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, I decided to pick up one of her other books Dark Places, and boy is it good! It's a psychologically thriller about a girl who survives a family massicare and blames her brother for it - and then goes on to believe he's actually innocent blah blah (I'm sure you can google the plot) and the movie is also coming out pretty soon so pretty excited for that!


Marina and the Diamonds album FROOT is a treat. I love how all of her albums usually have a theme and she kinda goes with it on stage (her costumes are amazing too). My favourites on the album have to be I'm A Ruin, Happy, Blue and Savages. She's definitely on my list of people to see live!


This probably has to go for the 4 months I spent in America but Blue Corn tortilla chips and mango and peach salsa was my go-to snack for my whole time there

Chick-Fil-A - can't believe I hadn't heard of this food chain before coming to the States! (shoutout to Kayla for introducing me to it) It' s pretty much like KFC but I basically went their for their waffle chips and their chick-fil-a sauce!


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