Sunday 28 June 2015

You know the one, that movie you've probably seen one too many times and have forced all your friends to watch because it's so god damn good. So I thought I'd find out what that is for you guys, and to give me some recommendations for my own viewing pleasure. (Warning this blog post may contain movie spoilers)

1. Giana (me), 20 
(500) Days of Summer 

If we're staying away from the Disney movies (The Little Mermaid) it has to be this one. Apart from the fact Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are beautiful human beings and are (one of) my favourite actors out there, I love how it's not just a story about falling in love and living happily ever after. It really shines a light on modern day relationships, and turns the tables where the guy believes in the one and wants a relationship, and the girl well, thinks there is no such thing as love "it's fantasy" (It also has a great soundtrack)

2. Chris, 19
Four Lions

"it's fucking funny!"

3. Alexandra, 19
Like Crazy

It's a movie a lot of people don't like at all, I just like that it's an honest love story and the ending kind of leaves the story to your imagination what happens between them (spoiler alert) 

4. Dylan, 22
Law Abiding Citizen 

I like the fact that you can be smart enough you can do anything, although the ending is pretty shit. I also like Shawshank Redemption for the same reason, but maybe slightly better cause he actually gets away with it. 

5. Gaz, 20 
The Fox and the Hound

Yes the Disney movie, I like how it shows that you can be friends with anyone you want, and you're not born to hate anyone you're taught it.

6. Taylor, 22 
Scott Pilgrim vs The World 

Not so much to do with the movie itself, but it's one me and my ex used to watch all the time because she loved it, to the point that I now know every word in it.

7. Julia, 23
Despicable Me 

I first saw this movie 6 months after it had come out when some of my friends in Orlando were quite surprised I hadn't seen it. Yes, it was a funny movie but I didn't feel like it is one that you can watch 10 times and you still can't get enough. This all changed when I met Carl for the first time during my study abroad semester in Orlando. The child-sized stuffed minion toy was not only a roommate of 904 but he suddenly became a part of every dorm party, beach trip, came to prom etc. From that point on he was literally everywhere and known by everyone. After 6 months and a lot of experiences together I can say that I <3 Minions, they are fun and will always remind me of my unforgettable time in Orlando!

8. Rebecca, 21
White Chicks 

It's probably one of those movies I can watch over and over again and still laugh my head off! So glad to hear there's a second one coming out too!

9. Alex, 17
Beauty and the Beast 

I like the songs

10. Laura, 19 
Mary Poppins 

Because who doesn't love a film about tap dancing penguins?

11. Kirsty, 18 

Simply because I like singing along to the songs!!

12. Angelica, 21
Grease 2 

It's a movie I've grown up watching and has always been my favourite, not to mention I love the songs!

13. Maite, 46

It's a timeless movie that any generation will enjoy and i've probably seen it about 20 times, and no one can resist John Travolta in this! (I actually remember this being one of the first films I saw with my mum and thinking it was a movie about the country/badly maintained hair - G)

14. Mariah, 20 
Dirty Dancing

It's a great movie, Patrick is hot, and I like recreating the dance moves to Hungry Eyes and Time of My Life in my living room. If I wanted to be a bit less stereotypical i'd say Love and Basketball.

15. Katherine, 21
Mean Girls

It's the most quotable chick flick movie out there, and it makes me laugh.

16. Henry, 21

There's a reason Michael Keaton won 4 Oscars for this, he's such a boss. It's a story about human comportment and it's not too long either so doesn't bore you! Not to mention it's all shot in one scene

17. Daniel, 18
Forrest Gump 

It's funny, it's sad, it's entertaining, the acting is fantastic and it's just such a great storyline!

18. Stacey, 21
The Lord of The Rings Trilogy 

It's just epic over all, the story line, the actors, the scenery. It stays quite true to the books unlike other films although some of it is still left out to be able to fill it all in a film and not bore those who are not so crazy about it... It can make you laugh and cry (at least for me anyway) and it takes you on that journey with them, from beginning to end. Maybe that's just me though since I'm a Lord of The Rings freak!

19. Harry, 21
Yes Man 

The acting, the comedy, and I love the message it sends people to seize the day!

20. Bill, 50
Pulp Fiction

"They call it a Royale with Cheese"

21. Jake, 5
Star Wars 

I have one more to go, but I like it, it's cool and princess Leia is pretty

22. Sarah Jane, 21 
Breakfast at Tiffany's / Cinderella

I love everything about both these films! I love the style, love story, music and of course Audrey Hepburn! and with Cinderella, I'm a sucker for Disney, and the message this movie portrays never gets old, to have courage and be kind, which is something I've always tried to live by.

23. Nicole, 20
White Oleander 

I've always loved the book, and I saw this movie when I was quite young but I love how it showed how easily things can go from bad to good and vice versa.

24. Stefan, 21

Apart from the fact I want to be Tom Hardy, it's a quality film that teaches you a lot about the importance of family

25. Amy, 17 

It's my favourite because it's just filled with how uncivilised you can become to survive. She was kidnapped and forced into prostitution and what she had to see and do to survive would be disturbing for anyone to see. I don't really know why it intrigues me so much really, it's based on a true story so as soon as you read that you're just like "holy shit it's a real story shit's gonna go down"


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