Tuesday 18 August 2015

It's been a while since I've done one of these little chats, and when I came across Ian Davies music, I knew I had to find out more. His first original song "Leave Me Tonight" pulled at my heartstrings and wow, what a soothing voice. The liverpool singer/songwriter has spent the last year and a half recording his own songs at John Delf's Edge studio, who has worked with the likes of The Script and 5 Seconds of Summer. Keep reading to hear what Ian had to say about his inspirations, the music industry and the story behind the song!

Hi Ian! It's been a while, so tell me is a music career something you've always wanted to pursue? 

Music was the very first thing I ever wanted to do, even as a kid I knew I just wanted to sing because whenever I would people would stop and listen to me, which made me feel good. But as I grew up my family really pushed me into education as they knew how difficult the industry can be. So for a while I tried to persue different things, and I went to university for a year or so but nothing ever clicked. So I went back to music, and slowly things started going to plan, I was writing loads, and started letting people listen to my own stuff who told me to get it recorded, and I guess thats where im at now.
Yeah university isn't for everyone! and there have been plenty of successful people who never went and are doing just fine. Who would you say some of your music inspirations have been? 

Definitely growing up my main influences where Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, I have my mum to thank for that. Today I find inspiration from so many of the artists inspired by Whitney & MJ like Beyoncè and Sam Smith. I spend so much more time now analyzing their careers as well as just their music because I'm trying to break in to the industry. I really love and admire artists who manage to stay relevant over long periods of time, and also keep consistant album sales in a world where sales are constantly declining.
Everyone does love a it of MJ! Who would you say some of your favourite artists are in the industry right now?
I guess the artist Im listening to most right now is Halsey, I absolutely love her. Her EP was incredible and Im really excited for her album, the most excited for new music Ive been in a while to be honest. I'm actually seeing her in London come September which I am very excited for!
She is definitely a favourite of mine too! Always what I listen to in the shower. Do you still remember the first gig you went to yourself?
First gig I went to was Kelly Clarkson in 2010, I dont remember much of it but I just know I was amazed by how she just came on in jeans and a tee and managed to captivate the audience using just her voice. Proved to me that you dont need loads of gimmics to be successful and sell out shows.
Is there a story behind your song "Leave Me Tonight?"
Definately, I feel like everyones been in that kind of relationship where you love someone but you know that they dont feel the same. For a while you kinda stick around and just deal with it but in the end youre just like 'if you want to be with someone else just go because this isnt fair on either of us'.
I think a lot of us have felt that too some extent, it's always great when you can relate to an artists music. If you could collaborate on a song with anyone right now who would it be?
Oooooh thats hard, theres so many artists I love. I think maybe Sam Smith or Beyoncè I really love the emotion they put into their vocals, I could learn a lot from them.
That would sound amazing! So Ian, what's next for you?
For myself and my music however I have some little performances coming up, I just want to get out there and get live experience and let people hear my music. The feedback from 'Leave Me Tonight' was so good it makes me want to let people listen to all my music!!!

You can check out Ian's first original song here or you can drop him a follow/tweet at @IanDaviesMusic

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