Tuesday 4 August 2015

Hey lovelies,
Feels like yesterday I was doing my June favourites, where is the summer going?! Anyway here's a few of my favourite things from the month of July!


As pictured above, my two most use lipsticks of the month have to be Dubonnet (L) and Cream in Your Coffee (R). This is the second time i've purchased Dubonnet after a year of using Dare You as my go to red lipstick, as I find it gives more of a glossy vibrant red. The more nudey brown colour is perfect to wear as an everdy day lipstick and looks great when paired with the Whirl lip-liner.

Having cut my hair short recently, I find it a lot harder to maintain especially since I have naturally thick hair. This salt spray by L'oreal does the trick for keeping my mane mane-tained (hehe) and giving me beachy waves. It's not as great as the Victorias Secret Beach Waves spray as it can leave your hair a tad sticky, but sadly I don't currently have access to buying it here.


I'm currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird, (yes for the first time!!) and i'm not quite done with it yet...but it's definitely been a good read so far and I highly recommend it if you haven't read it already. Even though the book was released 55 years ago, author Harper Lee is now releasing a second book this year!


Magic Mike XXL - Watched this at the cinema and omg It did not disappoint, the soundtrack is great and makes you want to grind on your chair (sorry for the explicits) and well, all the cast is pretty easy on the eye. Can't really say how it compares to the first one, but it still definitely keeps you entertained throughout the whole movie!

Life Happens - Stubbled across this on Netflix and is based on two best friends who like to party and sleep around, and then one gets pregnant. It's got a bit of everything, drama, romance, comedy and not going to lie i wasn't paying much attention as I was scrolling through Pinterest but if i would have paid more attention i'm sure I would have enjoyed it more!


I first heard of Hey Violet when they supported 5 Seconds of Summer back in June and are actually signed to their record label. I guess they're pretty "pop rock" and they're songs either make you want to punch something or sing very sassily with the shower head (not like I do that at all) The EP is called I Can Feel It and I'd been patiently waiting for studio versions of their songs such as Can't Take Back The Bullet and You Don't Love Me Like You Should. Basically, they're pretty badass.


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