Saturday 1 August 2015

Hey guys,

Just a little update on what's been going on in my life lately, so this will be a very short blog post.

I probably haven't done one of these since I left America, so between then and now i've spent some time back in Bournemouth, and been back home in Gibraltar for about a month and a half now! When i'm going back, who knows. Still in the process of looking for an events placement for this year, if that's going to be in Gibraltar, Spain or UK I don't quite know yet.

I've been to two lovely weddings this month in which I was kindly asked to set up the reception for one of them. (For a amateur wedding planner, call me!!) Been working at the Gibraltar Convent helping with the Governor's events oooooo and basically just been binge watching Netflix during the day and going out for drinks/meals most nights.

not very exciting eh? but it's now August, which means... BIRTHDAY MONTH!! (In case you were planning on sending me a collection of MAC lipsticks or a brand new car, it's on the 26th) Turning 21 meant I didn't fancy spending it partying in Zest on a Wednesday, so i'll be spending a few days in Barcelona with my BFF Nicole (i'll be sure to tell you all about it!) and as for my present...i'm finally getting what i've always wanted for my 21st, laser eye surgery. (on monday yikes!!) Not going to lie the thought of laser beams being directed at my eyeballs whilst i'm awake scares the bjdjvnf out of me, but after 15 years of having to wear glasses and contact lenses, I can't bloody wait.

On another note, I'm also having a couple of co-writers on my blog soon, starting with my very talented friend Grace who will be covering the beauty and reviews section! You can check out her work on her instagram: confessionsofalipstickjunkie_

Hope you're all doing well and doing all those things on your summer bucket list!


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