Saturday 12 September 2015

What exactly is the key to getting over someone? You'd have thought by now that with all the break-ups and make-ups that go on daily someone would have found the cure to the shitty feeling that is heartbreak. We've all had our stay in the heartbreak hotel, may it be for weeks or months we all have our ways of checking out and moving on.

1. Female, 25

I cried and cried, but then I thought to myself, there are people going through stuff that is so much worse and my biggest problem right now is a break-up. It doesn't mean it hurts any less, but it helps put things in perspective.

2. Female, 21 

I learnt to love myself in every way and not let a guy use me, no matter how much you may want him at the end of the day it's his loss for not seeing how great we could have been. In the end I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.

3. Female, 17

I completely erased them from my life, through social media and my daily life. I avoided him as much as I could and at the end of the day there is always life after love. Don't bother wasting your time in trying to make them jealous, if it didn't work out the first time chances are it won't work out the second.

4. Male, 19 

Ironically I broke up with her, but I probably took the worst hit. It didn't help that we kept hooking up up after for ages. Eventually I just had to completely cut her off and pretty much act like she didn't exist. It was pretty douchey of me but in the end it's what's best for both of us to move on.

5. Female, 21

I let myself feel like shit for a long time. I cried the river of babylon, binge watched anti-men films on Netflix and even found a rebound who could have potentially made me happier than my ex but circumstances prevented that. Taylor Swift's album was released just in time for my break-up so that helped too. I just learnt to enjoy life and grasp as many opportunities I could, and also meant I could do things I never could have done when I was with him (like cut my hair, dick.) I also wasn't going to stop myself from going to my favourite restaurants or watching my favourites movies because they would remind me of him, so instead I started doing these things with other people until eventually everything stopped reminding me of him, except for when I see a piece of sh-okay sorry I'll keep this positive. I know someday I'll be able to look back and remember the good times we had, and laugh about it all, but for now, he's still the asshole who broke my heart, twisted it and tore it out.

6. Male, 19

I did the typical male thing any guy would do. Slept with someone she knew, slept with someone better looking than her to boost my confidence. Grow the f up guys, and go out there and meet the new best thing for you!

7. Female, 22 

I mourned for him as if he had died. I cried, and then since he was "dead", felt no need to drunk message him, or check up with what he was doing, or stalk his new girl on Facebook.

8. Male, 21

Truthfully I've never fully moved on from her. She was my first everything, and looking back I can't say she treated me badly but at the time I was just a stupid teenager who couldn't realise it. I've had two girlfriends since but none of them compare, we're still in contact so I'm just waiting on the day she feels the same way again.

9. Female, 21

I think I basically just realised he wasn't the be all and end all. If he didn't need me there was no reason I needed him, I'm better than that.

10. Female, 23

With my past relationships, I've learnt to take the good and bad from each relationship for the next. To know what to do and what to avoid. No matter how things ended and how much you may claim to hate them, you're always going to remember little inside jokes, memories you shared and songs that remind you of them that will eventually make you laugh instead of cry.

11. Male, 20

Truthfully, you don't really get over someone until you meet someone better, which might take a few hit and misses first. If not, there's always distractions in the meantime.

12. Male, 22

A lot of alcohol, nights out with the lads and a bad string of one night stands. Truthfully, they're all short term fixes. Eventually you just feel sad and alone again.

13. Female, 21 

I removed him off every form of social media and found myself another distraction. I also figured there was no reason in me stressing over someone who's literally not worth my time and who pardon my french, is a c*** anyway.

14. Female, 20

The first thing I did after my break up in order to move on was remove every trace of them from my life. Blocked them on every social media site, deleted every photo we had together and threw out any item that reminded me of them. After this it was all about keeping myself busy. Having a day in the house by yourself is the worst thing you can do because all you'll do is think of them and maybe even message them which Is a huge step backwards. So you have to make sure you're keeping as busy as possible and not sit at home crying all day! This may even be an opportunity to take up a new hobby or discover a new fun place to go. Next, you have to get back out there, you need to talk to new people so that you can realise there are so many more people out there who are a lot more suited to you than your ex.

15. Female, 21

I would never say a person can ever fully be over a true love, no matter what circumstances they ended over. There will always be something in your heart that reminds you, that at one point, that person meant the world to you and you would have taken a bullet for them.
Heartbreak gets better with each day that passes as life goes on and you stop dwelling on things you can't change. I surrounded myself with friends and it was the best thing to do. It's hard when your ex still holds a piece of your heart and soul, but with the best tool, time, you can build a new piece which is shaped on experience and is even better than it was before!
Also, listen to a lot of Taylor Swift, drink stupid amounts of vodka and eat dairy products for a minimum of two weeks if you're that way inclined.

16. Female, 25

So I'm really not the best to give advice for moving on, since it's never really worked for me. I am still stuck with the same guy, only messing still happily in love! I can tell you what the wrong move was for me, getting with other people. It only ended making the situation worse in my view, as you'd compare them all back to your ex. You've got to wait until the right person comes along and can sweep you off your feet. None of that rushing into another relationship. You should also find yourself something to keep you busy, that will give you less time to think about them.

17. Drunk girl at BBQ 

I don't think there's a secret to moving on, I don't think there are simple steps on how to permanently rase someone from your memory, but if there's something that's helped ease the pain from a broken heart, it's accepting that you've got to get a move on with your life. There's no point in dwelling on what could have been or what might have been. The only way to truly find peace and move on, is to accept that what has happened, has happened and what is meant to be, will find a way.
As cliche and cheesy as it sounds, you've got to let things take their course, allow what is meant to be happen. And accept the fact that no matter what you would have done, heartbreak is unfortunately inevitable and just something that people will experience for the rest of their lives, until they find that person.

18. Female, 17

I watched John Tucker Must Die, stuck a picture of his face on a punching bag and got sexy. I made a list of all the things I hated about him and why I would never want him back, to remind myself every time I thought about drunk texting him!

19. Male, 26

Rugby, didn't have time to think about my ex whilst I was pretty much feeling up men on the field.

20. Female, 20 

I admit, after my break-up I felt unwanted and unattractive. So I did what any lonely female would do, I downloaded tinder and helped fill that void my ex left me with different guys (conversation wise, I didn't go on a slut spree) I did also go on a few dates and just try and get back out there as soon as possible but wasn't necessarily looking for love, just to know it was possible to find someone I could click with after my ex.


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