Wednesday 16 September 2015

Ah freshers, a time to go crazy, join every society that exists and get a ton of free stuff and pizza deals. Then of course comes all the people you meet along the way that are going to shape the next couple of months (or days) for you. So through my experience, here are some of the people I came across during freshers and who I'm sure you'll all bump in to too! 

1. The Promo Guy. You'll get a friend request from this guy before you even get to university, and he'll guarantee you tickets to every event, which he will remind you of constantly on Facebook and then once you've purchased your 50 event tickets, you'll probably only attend 5 of them. 

2. The one who's never been out in their life, and goes slightly overboard. 
He's only ever had a sip of cheap champagne on New Years, and suddenly he feels pressured to raise the bar to "fresher standards" so he's downed half a bottle of Jager and doesn't even make it to the club 
3. The one who's come to uni to pull. He/She has already pinned a "slut/chunder chart" to the pin board and will do anything to stay ahead of the (disease ridden) game. They'll probably try it on with you and make their way round your circle of friends before finding comfort in a plant. 

4. The one you know from home but have never spoken to in your life. 
You've had a few too many vodka cranberries and suddenly you spot someone from your hometown in the smoking area. So of course you're going to run up to them like you're best of friends who haven't seen each other in months even if you've really only spoken to them twice in your whole life. 

5. The one with the 200 second snapchat story. 
If you can't think of someone, it's probably going to be you. They can be spotted taking selfies with every individual person at predrinks, and videoing every S Club 7 song that comes out in the club followed with loud screeching. 

6. The one you matched with on Tinder. 
Whether serious or not, at one point everyone in your flat will have this "dating" app just for the lols. If he's cute then this isn't the worst case scenario, but if he's someone you matched with when your friend thought it was hilarious to swipe right to everyone, be prepared for a stalker.

7. The one that won't share the aux cable. 
They've prepared a "sic" playlist for pres but will take no song requests from anyone, only way to get past this one is wait until they go to the toilet, then plug your phone in and blast some throwbacks to get the crowd going "ahhhh i haven't heard this in so long!!" and bye bye DJ Crappy 

8. The one you meet in the toilet. 
Now this could be the friendly drunk girl who compliments you're outfit and tells you continuously how pretty you are, or the bathroom attendant who will become your BFF and give you free lollipops every time you're at the club. (shout out to Sophia from Halo, love ya girl.)

9. The one with all the drinking games. 
This is where I'd say, yep that's me. They're usually the ones that get everyone "united" when there's a room of awkward people around, or well just want to have fun and get drunk. They'll be the ones bringing the cards, breaking the ice with "Never Have I Ever" and some wacky games you probably wonder if they're even a thing. (check out my post on drinking games for students!)

10. You. 
As cheesy as it may sound, you really do find yourself at uni (not just in freshers, because you will probably lose a few brain cells) Not only will you find like-minded people who might be into the same bizarro stuff you are (the star wars community is a thing) but you'll find yourself becoming 10 times more independent and open minded about life and everyone around you. Just chill and enjoy it!

If your freshers experience has sadly ended, i'd love to hear more of your experiences in the comments, as part of the "freshers special" i'll be posting in the students section every other day for two weeks, so let me know if you have any suggestions! 

♡ GS ♡

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