Wednesday 28 October 2015

Halloween is oh so close, maybe you've spent £30 on a kinky costume from Ann Summers, maybe you've spent months DIYing your own, or maybe you're just planning on staying home eating all the sweets meant for the trick o treaters. If you just fancy staying in with Netflix on (chill or not) then you might find this read quite useful.

1. Giana (me, duh.), When A Stranger Calls

If we're talking about Halloween, then Halloween Town has to be my favourite one to watch around this time, cause that nostalgia hits me hard, not to mention me and Marnie probably looked like sisters. Hardly a "scary" movie, so on to that subject I'm probably going to go with When A Stranger Calls mainly because I was doing a lot of babysitting at the time, so the fact that all this freaky stalker shiz happens whilst she's doing just that freaked the hell out of me.

2. Nicole, Gremlins

I love Gizmo. He's the cutest thing in the world and he reminds me of my cat. I wish mogwais existed so I could have loads of them. Apart from that I love the storyline, even though it's a bit far fetched. Plus the evil mogwai turned gremlins are really creepy.

3. Isis,  Drag Me To Hell

I actually watched this horrendous one at uni. We all shat ourselves. I can't quite remember the name of it but there was a creepy woman called Mrs Ganoosh in it. Other than that, me and my boyfriend watched Drag Me To Hell and had to switch it off half way through.

4. Seb, My Bloody Valentine

I cried for like 8 days.

5. Kass, Paranormal Activity

I slept with my light on for the next three weeks. I also had a bit of a running commentary going on throughout it at the cinema, accidentally shouted WTF and the whole cinema was in stitches.

6. Mariah, The Woman In Black

Watched the whole thing through a gap between my hands covering my eyes.

7. Gabriella, The Step-Father

Not only did I jump like 10 times, but I was also sat on the first row of the cinema slanted sideways because I was waaaaay too close to the screen.

8. Jesse, Gothica

I hate scary movies, but I saw this one and I cried.

9. Brian, Alien

Combines my two favourite genres, sci-fi and horror.

10. Luke, Sinister

I honestly didn't jump right until the bloody credits, scared the poor lady next to me at the cinema.

11. Jack, One Missed Call

Saw this years ago, but I dreaded picking up the phone to anyone but my mum for a while.

12. Christina, Silent Hill

I had to sleep with the light on for months!!

13. David, Children

Aren't all movies with creepy children in them the scariest of them all?

14.  Kaylan, The Orphanage 

That mask was just not right....

15. Liam, The Conjuring

I shat my pants, not literally.

16. Emma, Thir13en Ghosts

It was the first ever "scary film" I had ever seen and it used to terrify me so it's always my go to horror film whenever someone asks me this question! When I watch it nowadays it's not as scary (minus the jackal, which will always be) but it has a good story line to it and has its sad/sweet moments.

17. Sadie, The Gallows

We were too freaking scared to walk home so this woman and her daughter offered to give us a lift home from the cinema.

18. Jack, The Exorcist

Cliche I know, but it's still creepy as fuck and the fact that it's a true story gets me even more!

19. Alex, Annabelle 

Does anyone actually buy these dolls after watching these kind of movies?! Was made worse when my sister (hey Giana) thought it would be a funny idea to hide my brothers big stuffed toys around the house at night to be creepily staring at you when you turned the lights on.

20. Joshua, Shutter 

It's a movie from Thailand. Think The Ring but waaay scarier.

21. Dylan, Oldboy

The Korean version, it's terrifying.

22. Jordan, Nightmare on Elm Street

such a classic horror, it's brilliant!

23. Laura, Teeth

It's a movie about a girl with teeth in her vagina, enough said.


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