Tuesday 17 November 2015

In light of the events that have taken place recently, it is hard to comprehend how human beings can be capable of such monstrosity. It is also important to remember that there is still good people out there, and one day we will hopefully see a time where we can all co-exist in peace. I decided to write this post to share a bit of positivity not only from my experiences, but from the following contributors too.

It takes two seconds to make someone's day. A smile, "hope you have a good day" or sharing your chocolate (if you're me) can go a long way. I've had a stranger walk me to the train station in Glasgow when I had no idea where I was during my first time in the city, a kind gentleman carry my heavy suitcases down the stairs for me on the busy tube, and a bus driver let me on the bus when it was pouring down and I had no money left on my Oyster Card (shitty system really). Here are some of the stories you shared!

1. "When I was in Los Angeles these group of people on one of those carriage things offered to give me a free tour of downtown LA on it! Was a lot of fun, but could have gone either way I suppose." - Megan, 21  

2. "I dropped my iPhone at the airport and someone ran after me to hand it back to me, my phone wasn't locked at the time either, so they could have ruined me." - Kassidy, 20

3. "I was at Bansky tunnel earlier this year and an artist saw that I was pretty interested in what he was doing, so he gave me some of his spray cans to play around with, I thought that was pretty cool." - Juliet, 27

4. "I had been mugged and had no money on me to get home - a kind taxi driver offered to drive me home" - Seb, 23

5. "It doesn't seem like much but about a year ago I was in Leicester Square waiting for a friend to have dinner for her birthday. She was running late so I was just standing around, and then suddenly a man approached me (I was expecting a cheesy chat up line) but he said he just wanted to tell me I looked very beautiful. I thanked him and he walked off, and I felt pretty chuffed since you that never happens to me! Then about 10 minutes later another man approached me and said "I'm sorry I couldn't just pass you and not tell you you look absolutely gorgeous", we proceeded to chat for a few minutes, making a few jokes, and then he left. It may seem strange to include this but it really made me happy. I thought it was a lovely thing to do, and being from London it's unheard of to have someone strike conversation like that sober! It boosted my confidence and made me think - perhaps I have got something that people like. Telling someone they're pretty or just simply giving someone a compliment can make their day - so if that's what you're thinking, go for it! What's the worst that can happen?" - Isabella, 19

6. "I went to take £20 out of the ATM and forgot it there...but some nice lady came and gave it to me!" - Nicole, 20

7. "I must have been about 8 or 9, but I remember a man jumping in choppy waters to save me from drowning." - Brian, 48

8. "I had flown from Sweden for a concert in London and my tickets had arrived at home when I had already flown to London, when I got to the venue to try and claim my tickets there but it was not possible. I broke down in tears and Giana (who I did not know at the time) was behind me in the queue and had a spare ticket which she then gave to me for free, we now keep in touch often and i'm very grateful for it!" - Lisa, 20

9. "I was bursting for the toilet and a group of girls let me skip in front of them in the queue, anyone knows this is a big deal for girls to do (especially in a club) so I was very thankful!" - Jesse, 21

10. "When I was carrying all the shopping and the pram from Morrison's, I only had a £20 note because I forgot my ID and someone paid for the bus for me as the driver refused to let me on without showing my ID but couldn't take a £20 note. They then he helped me take the shopping to the bottom of my stairs." - Janelle, 21

11. "It was my first time using the night bus and I had noooo idea where I was going neither did I have an oyster card. So this girl lent me hers to pay my fair and took a detour just to make sure I would get home safe!" - Sadie, 16

12. "A woman let me infront of her in the queue at Morrison's since I only had bananas to buy, small gesture but saved me 5 minutes in the queue!" - Angelica, 22

13. "This was not an act of kindness to me personally, but one I witnessed my Grandpa do when I was young. He had taken us for a drive when I was about 7 (I think?) and we went up the Rock of Gibraltar when we came across a family- mum, dad and their daughter- who were tourists up the rock and had either had a really bad fall or maybe even attacked by apes (can't really remember). Anyway they were covered in blood and in need of urgent medical attention and grandpa stopped his car to these total strangers and took them to the hospital. I remember how grateful they were and although what I recall about this occasion is rather vague it's a memory I hope that will continue to remind me there are good people out there who go out of their way to help others." - Kimberly, 27

14. "Those street pastors that give flip-flops out to girls in heels etc. on Friday nights! They're lifesavers and they don't necessarily have to be doing this in their free time, so I think it's pretty kind of them." - Alex, 17

15. "I was at the Morisson's checkout and was about to pay when I realised I had no cash and my card was in my other purse. Totally embarrassed I tried to explain to the cashier and a lady behind me offered to pay the £20 for me and to give it to her another time. She didn't know me from anything but trusted me. I took her telephone number and paid her later that evening but I thought it was very kind of her" - Ivana, 51

16. "I was at a kebab shop after a wild night out and didn't have enough money for my cheesy chips (dilemma) and this girl in the queue behind me offered to pay!" - Liam, 22

17. "Once I was sat at a bus stop in Winton and this guy walks past and hands me a tenner. He then says "don't ask any questions just take the money my love"and he walked away to fast to even thank him. But whoever it was paid for my lunch" - Laura, 20

18. "I fell down the stairs at a train station once, everyone was too busy rushing for the train to stop and help, apart from this kind old man who made everyone stop pushing around to help me up, when he couldn't even walk properly himself, very kind." - Philip, 24

19. "I was 20 and visiting England for the first time, I was getting ready to cross the road to a busy street. Being used to cars in the near lane travelling from left to right I stepped into a road having seen that the coast was clear. I was one step into the street when a British businessman (who looked like a banker from Mary Poppins) grabbed me by the collar while saying, rather politely, 'careful yank!" He pulled me onto the sidewalk and out of the path of a speeding car that had just rounded the corner and would have surely hit me. I tried to thank him but he was back to reading his newspaper like he stumbled across dumb Americans like me daily." - Josh, 24

20. "I stumble upon acts of kindness often. Simply when a stranger compliments my dress that I just bought, the perfume i'm wearing, smiles at me when I make eye contact - all can make a shitty day a little bit better." - Jasmine, 21



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