Tuesday 17 November 2015

So thats my lipstick collection you see in that photo. And thats not even all of it. I've been a self confessed lipstick junkie for a while now (My Mac collection outmatches Giana's - just saying...). I've tried almost every shade out there from your classic red lip to the crazy blues and greens that have started to appear. In my opinion everyone should own every single shade they can possibly get their hands on. However I understand most people don't have the compulsion to buy lipstick the way I do. 

Obviously not every shade is going to work on everyone. A lot of what that goes into choosing the perfect lip shade is looking at the undertones of a colour. For example, if you have pale, cool toned skin you should be looking for shades that hold a blue undertone. 

1. Red

Every person should own a red lipstick that makes them look and feel fantastic. Red lipstick is the equivalent of a shot of espresso and walking past someone you hate on the way to pick up your Grammy/Oscar/Whatever. Whether you prefer a true bright red or a dark vampy burgundy, red lipstick is that perfect pick me up for those days that you aren't sure what to do with your make up.

My Faves:

Left to Right: 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lips in Sarafine, NYX matte lipstick in Indie Flick, Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira 

2. Brown

Brown lipstick is the autumn dream. It's the perfect colour for this time of the year and is a step away from those vampy reds and purples you see so often around this time of the year.  With the 90s throwback still very much in, this is a subtle way to join in with this trend.

My Faves:

Left to Right: 
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips in Limbo, ABH Liquid Lips in Vamp, NYX High Voltage lipstick in Dirty Talk.


For those not up to date in your lipstick speak, this stands for my lips but better. Basically another way of saying nude, but with that pinky undertone found in your lips. Finding your perfect shade is a long but worthwhile road, particularly when you can't be bothered to spend hours perfecting your lipline.

My Faves:

Left to Right: 
NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar, KVD Lolita, MAC Velvet Teddy.

4. Purple

Purple is a colour that can be considered appropriate for all seasons and occasions. From that widely Pinterested vampy MAC lipstick to a brighter orchid colour, purple is a great colour to have in your collection

My Faves:

Left to Right: 
MAC Instigator, Colourpop Zipper, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Purple Poison.

5. Black

Don't argue with me here. Black is a head turner and great for those days when you need to tell everyone to fuck off without speaking. My black lipstick collection is as of now only one, but that won't last for long.

My Faves:

PZC Black Cat 

I could continue this list through every colour in the spectrum, and you have absolutely no idea how hard it was for me to pick my favourites of each colour. I guess I'm just addicted... Hands up who's joining me in Lipstick Junkies Anonymous.

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