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Thursday 5 November 2015

I first heard of this band back in 2012 when a certain member of the band followed me on twitter, and had listed on his bio that well, he was in a band and to check out their covers on YouTube, which I did and they left quite the impression (not just because they were all super cute and Australian).

Fast forward 3 years and I've seen this band live multiple times and there's never been a dull moment at their shows. The energy, crowd and performances just keeps you on a hype the whole time. Not to mention they're super fun guys (who are the funniest dancers I've ever seen dancing at a club) just doing what they love on stage. It's been great to see them grow as artists and the fact that it's not just teenage girls listening to their music, my step-dad is an avid fan.

Anyway, on to the album! Sounds Good Feels Good is the second studio album by the Australian pop rock BAND. Yes band, because there's that ongoing debate whether they're a band or a boyband, but considering they all (mostly) write their own music and play their own instruments and not just stand around dancing (that much), pretty much makes them a band. Not to mention they all sound great, and you can definitely hear the emotion through their voices on this album.

There's definitely a different vibe going on in this album than on their debut album the self-titled 5 Seconds of Summer, which featured more memorable/stuck in your head all day jams like She Looks So Perfect, Good Girls and of course the tear jerker Amnesia.With Sounds Good Feels Good the sound is more mature, and is probably 5SOS sticking more to their roots of the direction they want their music to go - less pop, more rock. Having worked with The Madden Brothers from Good Charlotte tracks like Money definitely makes you want to air guitar/sing at the top of your lungs.

Incase you haven't checked it out yet, here's the video for their latest single Hey Everybody! 

With this album, I felt like I had to listen to some of the tracks multiple times as they didn't quite have the catchiness of the songs on their first album, but lyrically they've matured a lot (no more American Apparel underwear) and most of the songs have made it into my Spotify playlist. So here are my top 10 tracks from Sounds Good Feels Good for your listening pleasure (because I can't pick 5)

10. Money

9. Safety Pin

8. Hey Everybody

7. San Fransisco  

6. She's Kinda Hot

5. Vapor

4. Broken Home

3. Outer Space / Carry On

2. Jet Black Heart

1. The Girl Who Cried Wolf

If you've checked it out, would love to hear your thoughts on the album which tracks you enjoyed most!

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