Saturday 28 November 2015

2015 has been a pretty good year on the big screen, we saw a lot of books being adapted to movies, even if some of them flopped (yes 50 Shades of Grey), some standard superhero movies and the last instalment of The Hunger Games -sobs-. Here are some of my favourite picks from the year, some of these technically come out in 2014, but if they were released on Netflix this year that counts right?

1. The Avengers 

I remember going to watch this at the cinema with Jesse, and coming out wanting to punch shit and feeling super badass. I was never one for superhero movies but for the last two years i've seemed to be on top of all the new releases. Not to mention this movie has its fair share of eye candy and Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen SLAY in this.

2. Cinderella

I do love Disney movies, and this remake was actually a good one. Not to mention my one true love "Robb Stark" plays Prince Charming. Somehow when the movie is brought to real life, you get more annoyed about what a pushover Cinderella is.

3. Dark Places

I read the book first and the movie was just as great. Psychological thriller that stars that Tony guy from skins! Keeps you gripped the whole way through.

4. Everest

I saw this at the cinema with my mum and grandma and admittedly, I thought it was going to be boring, who wants to watch a 2 hour movie about guys climbing a mountain? It ended up being quite good and I managed to stay awake during the whole thing, and even shed a tear or two, yano seeing as it's based on a true story.  (must watch in 3D!)

5. Mockingjay Part 2 

Part 1 was a flop, mostly cause nothing happened but they did have to set the scene for us to get wtf was going on before all the action happened. Every time I watch one of these movies I really want to learn how to work a bow and arrow, and get really angry at the world. The movie also shed light to a lot of issues we're currently facing in the real world, with the whole "you're killing a lot of innocent people by retaliating on your enemies" thing. Overall it was a good end to the saga, with some funny awks moments with the whole love triangle thing, but wtf was that ending?

6. The Longest Ride

This is the only Nicholas Sparks book I have read. So it was interesting to read the story before seeing the movie, the love story was quite cheesy as expected, but it was the older couples story that I found the most interesting (and teary) to watch. Not to mention Scott Eastwood definitely made me want to date a cowboy.

7. Jurassic World

Chris Pratt, enough said.

8. Two Night Stand

The perfect choice for a lazy Sunday when you want something easy and something enjoyable to watch.

9. Magic Mike XXL

I thought the sequel was going to be a flop, but there's a lot more to the story in this one other than sexy men dancing half naked (not that I was complaining) and the cast/soundtrack is great.

10. The Loft

This movie makes it out that 90% of men cheat, but it kept me interested the whole way through and there was a lot of eye candy.

** BONUS **

Best Of Me - another Nicholas Sparks flick, saw this on Netflix and expected it to be another typical soppy love story a la Notebook/A Walk To Remember/Dear John. The movie actually had a lot of substance and made me feel angry, sad, teary and in love all in one hour and a half.

Sadly 50 Shades of Grey, Paper Towns and Fantastic 4 didn't make this list. Mainly cause the hype & expectations didn't meet the result. I would have included movie plots in here, but you have youtube and imdb for that.

What's been your favourite movie of 2015? 

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