Saturday 28 November 2015

So, over the years (by that I mean around a year and a half) I have amassed a make up collection that probably outweighs that of most make up artists. Not joking, I have a cart full of it and thats after several clear outs. This collection ranges from the most coveted, expensive brands to the millions of £1 eyeliners that I seem to have in every pencil pot in the house. High-street brands are the most accessible for everybody, so here are my five top picks from this end of the spectrum.

1. NYX Cosmetics

Now some of you may not recognise this brand, as its just starting to become more widely sold in the UK with Boots finally starting to stock them. Any American readers however, will probably understand my utter adoration for this brand. I have yet to try a product from them that I haven't liked. They also have a load of great dupes for high end brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills so if you haven't tried them you really should.

Products to look for:

1. Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagan, 
2. Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, 3. Slim Lip Pencil in Mauve

2. Make Up Revolution

If you are on the look out for colourful eyeshadows, lipsticks or anything ‘trendy’ then MUR is the way to go. They are so on it at responding to what their customers ask for, and given the bargain price tag the quality isn't all bad. Their lipsticks range from £1 to £3 and come in a vast range of colours from your normal pinks and reds to greens and blues. They have some great dupes in their range for brands like Urban Decay (the Iconic palette range is a direct dupe for the Naked series) and Lime Crime (see Serpent and Make it Right lipsticks for a cheaper alternative to Serpentina and Poisonberry). What I’m saying is that any budgeting make up junkie needs to look at this range immediately.

Products to look for:

1. Iconic Pro Lipstick in Liberty Matte, 
2. New-trals vs Neutrals Palette, 3. Iconic Eyebrow Brush

3. Rimmel London

This is one of those long standing high-street brands that has been in and out of my make-up bag overt the years. They've come out with some really lovely products as of late, and I have been attached to their Wake Me Up foundation for almost a year (which is a very long time for me).

Products to look for:

1. Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory, 2. Apocalips Lipstick, 3. Brow This Way in Clear

4. Sleek Makeup

Another brand with a fantastic colour range to suit all skin types. They are well up to date on the latest make-up trends and have an extremely affordable price range. The pigmentation in their products is at high end level and for the price they are nothing short of incredible.

Products to look for:

1. i-Divine Palette in Original, 2. Matte Me Lipstick in Birthday Suit, 3. Eau La La Liner in Noir

5. No. 7

Ever since my housemate Laura started working at Boots (shoutout to her discount card), she's kept me up to date on all the latest deals and offers. This has also meant that due to the aforementioned discount card, I've been buying a lot more Boots own-brand products. No. 7 has always been a brand associated with my Mum, which whilst not a bad thing, not what I was looking for as a 16 - 20 year old. However, their product range has become a lot wider and more accessible, and given the vouchers and offers you can access, they are definitely worth having a look at.

Products to look for:

1. Early Defence Day Cream, 2. Dramatic Lift Mascara in Black, 3. Blusher Brush.

Let me know your favourites in the comments!


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