Friday 2 December 2016

What better way to start than to give you a selection of movies to watch as we build up to the 25th. I used to love watching all the disney christmas movies when I was younger on TV, Santa Clause with Tim Allen, that one with Donald Duck and his 3 nephews repeating christmas every day and tha adorable clip where Mickey and Minnie sell their stuff so they can buy each other gifts, SO CUTE. Here are 20 people with their favourite holiday movies!

1. "Eloise at Christmas Time, it's not very well known but I love it!" - Mariah, 21

2. "Love Actually, it's the ultimate Christmas movie" - Christina, 21

3. "Miracle on 34th or The Cranks one...that was pretty funny" -  Gabriella, 21

4. "Love Actually, it's just such a cute movie." - Claire, 21

5. "The Grinch, I probably watch it like 20 times every year, I could probably recite the whole script" - Kassidy, 20 

6. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding - cause it reminds me of being at home with the family" - Josh, 24

7. "Elf/Polar Bear Express/Home Alone" Shreena, 20

8. "Santa Clause, i love Tim Allen!"  - Alex, 20

9. "The Holiday, I'm a sucker for a good love story!" - Cara, 20 

10.  "Elf, it's so funny and I love Zooey Deschanel" - Millie, 22

11. "Nightmare Before Christmas because I really like the animation style of it" - Seb, 23 

12. "it's really lame but, Annabelle's Wish.... was my favourite one growing up!" - Nicole, 20  

13. "Nightmare before Christmas, because Tim Burton." - Stacey, 21

14. "Does Mean Girls count? I dud manage to learn their dance to Jingle Bell Rock at the age of 15" - Sabrina, 28 

15. "Lord of The Rings....cause you can watch it anytime during the year" - Jack, 23

16. "Love Actually is actually a sick movie! I might watch it tonight actually now that I've remembered." - Dom, 21 

"Has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas, it's a classic and a lot more interesting and different than the regular christmas movies!" - Joelle, 20 

18. "My top Christmas movie has to be Polar Express, I've watched it every year and it's basically become a tradition" - Sophia, 17 

19. "It would have to be Santa Clause 1 & 2 with Tim Allen, it reminds me of my childhood." - Leila, 25 

20. "This Christmas, because Chris Brown was in it." - Rachel, 22

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