Monday 28 November 2016

I love food, so it was about time there was a food related question of the month up on the blog! The whole idea started when I was eating my perfectly normal Hawaiian pizza and a friend commented on how pineapple does not belong on pizza, which then led to a deep discussion on what weird and wonderful foods we like to pair together that aren't necessarily very conventional. Here's some of the best ones you guys contributed!

1."I like dipping biscuits in orange juice, that's not that weird is it?"

2. "Sounds weird but I love having cheese and onion crisps with vanilla ice-cream it's amazing"

3. "I always dip my fries at McDonalds in my ice-cream but I think that's quite a common one!"

4.  "I always have chips with my lasagna, talk about carb overload"

5. "Most of my diet consists of things that don't go together, I had tomatoes dipped in yoghurt the other day, delicious."

6. "Rice and peanut butter, and that's about it!"

7. "cheese and chocolate yum"

8. "I love Bloody Mary's but I substitute the tomato juice with human blood"

9. "When I was younger I used to dip my prawn crackers in coke and watch them sizzle and would like eating them soft. When I got a bit older I matured and I now put egg fried rice in my prawn crackers."

10. "I used to put ketchup in my chicken soup"

11.  "Banana and mayo in a sandwich. I know it sounds weird, but I read it online and was intrigued and somehow, it works."

12.  "Doritos with nutella, or a jar of nutella on its own."

13. "Shepherd's pie with ketchup every time!"

14. "I don't like cheese, so I guess eating standard foods without cheese is weird like lasagna and pizza."

15. "Sausage rolls dipped in pea and ham soup"

I'd love to hear some of your weird and wonderful creations! Are you a fan of any of these?

♡ GS ♡

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