Sunday 4 December 2016

Christmas is all about giving, but we all love receiving a little something to. Most of the time the best gifts aren't worth £££, I love when people remember things that I've mentioned I like and then surprise me with them, or even 5 packets of mac and cheese because I love mac and cheese.  I remember being like 12 and being overly excited about an electric singing toothbrush, whilst my little brother preferred the Mickey mouse disney bag his present came in! Now here are some of your favourites. 

1. "A trip to Miami...a holiday is better than any tangible gift! - Claire, 21 

2. " Last year my fiance bought me one of the best digital Polaroid cameras, I had only mentioned that i wanted the little fujifilm polaroid once and thought it has gone in one ear and out the other, but to my surprise he actually listened and it made me really happy!" - Stacey, 21 

3. "A couple of years back my parents gave me this big present which I was pretty excited about, only to open it and find out it was a printer....they then suprised me with my iMac though!" - Grace, 20 

4. "A trip to New York with my sister! Best holiday ever." - Mariah, 21 

5. "My yellow "Choppa" Although it wasn't actually a Choppa as they were a bit more expensive and I got an imitation Italian one!" - Ivana, 50

6. "Best present was possibly my sewing machine. I guess there were loads of things at the time that were the best presents like my baby G watch or my disc man with my CDs like the Marshal Mathers lp" - Kim, 27

7. "My brother adopted me a Penguin for Christmas! (I love penguins)" - Laura, 20

8. "My fluffy cat Pushka, I have a total of 10 cats now." - Nicole, 21 

9. "A trip to New York with the family! Better than any new phone or laptop!" - Christina, 21 

10. "My GHD Eclipse straighteners, I use them every day" - Joanna, 20 

11. "My boyfriend got me a box of 12 envelopes with a choice of two dates each month. Really really nice idea. But I always forgot to open them." - Isis, 24

12. "My Razer Deathstalker keyboard!" - Joelle, 20 

13. "Going Quad Biking with my cousins in Tarifa!" - Kaylan, 24

14. "One of those robot dogs when I was like 12" - Lucy, 22 

15. "Tickets to see The Rolling Stones! It was so sick!!" - Luke, 23 

16. "A boob job from my fiance - I did want one but didn't know if to take it as a compliment or an insult!" - Julia, 26 

17. "My dog! Complete with a red bow." - Gabby, 21 

18. "It was years ago, but my parents bought me an electric scooter which I used every day and every where, probably gained about 5lbs too. " - Stefan, 22 

19. "A personal trainer....I did lose 6kg!" - Emily, 18

20. "My first playstation...addicted ever since." - Jake, 23 

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