Tuesday 6 December 2016

We've seen the best, but the worst are always more memorable aren't they? I've had someone buying me pyjamas triple my size from Primark, smelly "old lady" perfume, and a christmas songs cd, like what use would that have after the 25th anyway? Most of the people on this list have chosen an alias, ya know incase you're the one who bought them these tragic gifts. Enjoy!

1. "A bar of chocolate, it's not Easter!" - Nicole, 20 

2. "My auntie always buys me the same ugly ass gold bracelet every year which is too big for me, hopefully I can sell them all at cash 4 gold and get some use out of them!" - Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, 21 

3. "I received a mini baby born doll from my cousin, when I was 13. I don't think it was a legit one either, it went straight in the cupboard." - Grace, 20 

4. "Ugly bracelets from BHS..." - Marquez, 21 

5. "The same cologne every year...are they trying to tell me something?" - Kel, 23

6. "A porcelain doll. I had it in my room on a shelf and at about midnight it fell and everything was shattered into pieces...but the face. " - Kim, 27

7. "A waxed it" - Helen, 20

8. "A pack of gummy worms, I ate them anyway" - Joelle, 20

9. "Bath Bombs from M&S I got from a Secret Santa at school....they stained my bath and didn't even smell nice." - Christina, 21 

10. "Once my nan gave me a pair of white 3/4 denim pants that were like 3 sizes too big, and then 12 days later for my birthday she gave me the same pants but they were like 3 sizes too small." - Kass, 20 

11. "My brother once wrapped up a potato and gave it to me as a legit present for Christmas" - Oliver, 24

12. "A shirt with a High School Musical slogan on it, I'm 20. " - Connor, 20 

13. "A girl I was seeing telling me she was pregnant." - Tom, 24

14. "A December?" - Lucy, 22 

15. "A picture of a plant." - Michael, 23 

16. "My fiancĂ© bought me cellulite cream, I should have broke up with him then and there." - Julia, 26 

17. "A light up Christmas tie... that also played music." - Joe, 28 

18. "I have one auntie that get's me a pair of pyjamas every year, I'm set for life." - Stefan, 22 

19. "Matching his and hers Minion pants from Primark..." - Emily, 25

20. "His and Hers towels, we had been broken up for 3 weeks." - Jade, 23

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