Tuesday 8 December 2015

If you're reading this, you've probably left your Christmas shopping until the last minute and are possibly looking for some inexpensive gift ideas for your loved ones. These gifts are just general ideas but feel free to mix and match and get them for other people! Or you could always find something unused in your room and give them that instead.


1. Hamper of favourite things

Will definitely show her you've actually put a lot of thought into her gift. Fill it with her favourite scents, sweets, cheese, wine, perfume, pizza slice etc!

2. Diary/Calendar

My mum asked for one every year until we thought it was getting ridiculous that we never got anything else. But she definitely used it heaps and appreciated it! Paperchase do some super cute ones.

3. Cute kitchen essentials

Because it's something she's actually going to use. Think mickey mouse shaped measuring cups, typography aprons or a cute tea pot set!


1. Anything to do with their football team

Mug, calendar, t-shirt, tickets, slippers, wallet - it won't disappoint.

2. A mug - favourite tv show/band/lame stuff

Breaking Bad, Dexter, F.R.I.E.N.D.S - find out what our dad's favourite TV show is and get him a mug (if he drinks coffee/tea), or same as above!

3. vinyl or their favourite band/tickets to a gig

Most dad's still enjoy actually purchasing CDs instead of using their phones in their cars...if they have a record player, buy them some from their favourite bands, or better yet a ticket to see them live (if they're still touring/alive....)


1. Make-Up

Most girls will appreciate this, if she's over like 12 that is. If she's 14-18 she's probably going through that phase of watching youtube tutorials daily. So get her a contour palette, kylie jenner inspired lipstick or make up brushes and she'll be sorted!

2. Cute shit from urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters have a ton of cute shit basically. From really quirky books, to cool iPhone cases, fancy mugs and a bit of everything else!

3. Bag/Accessories/Shoes

New Years is round the corner, and she probably hasn't got any of these sorted yet and is waiting for the sales where they'll be sold out of everything.


1. Star Wars

If he likes star wars, you can go to any shop and find some god damn star wars related shit.

2. Tickets to their favourite artist/team

like your dad, your brother will probably appreciate this too!

3. Game / Wallet

You can always play it safe and go with a game for their x-box/playstation/computer. Or a new wallet, because there's is bound to be 5 years old.


or if you know.. you have a young sibling (like me)

1. Superhero anything 

If they're into marvel/DC comics then you're safe getting them anything related to this - I bought my 6 year old brother DC Comics Top Trumps and an Avengers board game and he loved it! (and more mind stimulating than a soft toy")

2. Books/Annuals

Because books can be fun.

3. something that will have them moving around - not an ipad! 

Skooter, roller-skates, trip to a theme park - the list is endless!


1. a cute ass bowl

2. a cute ass collar

3. A cute ass toy


1. Something Personal

urban outfitters has some super cute "50 reasons why i love you" and you fill in the blanks on each page - make it as innocent or as dirty as you like! Or you could make your own one from scratch, pinterest has plenty of ideas!

2. Something Sentimental 

Give them their favourite book, cd and movie all in one - it will show you actually listen to the things they like

3. Something Adventurous 

Plan a trip somewhere you've both mentioned about going

4. Something fun!

If you've ever been to a gig together - buy tickets to see the first person you first saw together, again, cute af.

Happy Shopping! 

G ♡


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