Monday 21 December 2015

Everyone remembers their first love, or their last, but sometimes a lot of things go said unsaid and you never really get any closure. Sometimes just telling someone about it, or writing a letter to them but never posting does the trick, so instead, I asked you guys - if you had the chance to speak to your ex again (or maybe you still do, juicy) what would you tell them? Read 15 people's responses below!

1. "I wonder if you still think about me as much as I think about you, and I wonder if any part of you is still in love with me." - Female, 22

2. "You were my first love and maybe even my last, every relationship is compared to you and nothing measures up. You broke my heart and it took me years to recover and after you moved on so quickly. Sometimes it seems our relationship meant nothing to you and despite that, I will always love you in some way and defend you even though it is not deserved. I still hope you are happy and I still learn from our relationship even now, it was probably for the best." - Female, 18

3. "We were 16 when we met, and you became my first love, you moved away and we tried to keep the long distance going but there was just never going to be a time where we were both going to be in the same country. I still think about you, and I still think you're going to be the girl I'm going to marry." - Male, 21 

4. "I don't regret the time we had together, you treated me so nicely and like I was your world, but eventually you just started taking me for granted and broke my heart out of the blue, and then you turned cruel. After all this time I still make excuses for you, but it's because I don't want to remember the person you became, but the boy I fell in love with when I look back and remember you." - Female, 22 

5. "There will be a day when you will realise that I gave you way more than you deserved, and that no one else will do nearly as much for you. I hope you're around to see me do a million times better than you, you selfish selfish coward. Peace x" - Female, 21 

6. "When we broke up, I always thought we'd find our way back to each other in the future because I thought you were the one, if that even exists. Fast forward two years and that's exactly what happened, except I've realised you're not actually what I want even though you claim you're still in love with me and I feel like I'm forcing my feels for you because of our history." - Female, 21 

7. "I suppose I should say thank you for the good times, but 6 months on you still owe me money and stop asking your mum to bail you out you've got a job! Oh and I'd really appreciate it if you stop turning up at my house to 'chill and drink with MY friends. Frankly it's annoying and getting kind of weird." - Female, 20

8. "Every since we broke up we've been through a roller coaster of emotions...i've hated you, craved you, felt sorry for you, and heck even thought I was still in love with you, I don't really know how I feel about you now, but I will always care for you." - Female, 21 

9. "A year on I still have no idea why you broke up with me, but I'm definitely a lot happier now and I've done so many things I wouldn't have been able to do when we were together and I guess it was for the best." - Female, 21 

10. "I haven't been with anyone since you, and I feel like i'm always comparing other dates to you and even though I broke up with you, I genuinely don't think i'm going to find someone who I'll have as much fun and a connection with." - Male, 23 

11. "You left me after 3 years, got with 3 of my friends, and then started dating my best friend, so well, fuck you." - Male, 20 

12. "It's a shame we didn't work as a couple, but we got along so well and had so much fun that I miss talking to you and sometimes see/do stuff in life that I'd want to share with you, not to mention we had a lot of fun between the sheets too." - Female, 21 

13. "I'm so glad we've managed to stay friends after everything, you meant a lot to me and I don't think you should just pretend someone doesn't exist when you breakup when you shared part of your life with them." - Male, 23 

14. "All we did is argue, you cared more about what people thought about us than putting effort into our relationship, I don't regret the time we were together because you showed me everything I DON'T want in a relationship" - Male, 26

15. "You were my first love, and i'll always treasure that and compare any other girlfriend I have to you, naturally, so far no one has compared." - Male, 24

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