Friday 8 January 2016

As with every year, there's always a list of things I wish to accomplish before the New Year, so this year I thought i'd share my list with you guys so you can get inspired and make your own, like I'm sure we all share the same goal of sleeping with Justin Bieber. Also it's a handy way to keep track of the things I actually get done, with the handy strikethrough text.

1. Explore London
2. Visit a new city/country
3. Lose 10kg
4. Read a new book every month
5. Make the most of my placement & make new contacts!
6. Let go of past grudges
7. Visit Morocco
8. Save £100 every month
9. Find a house with Meggy! 
10. Find my passport
11. Take my mum for dinner & a movie
12. Go on more dates (and stop chickening out) - does 1 count?
13. Declutter my Facebook friends
14. Declutter my emails
15. Go to a theme park
16. Go to a festival
17. Go see someone live I haven't seen before (woo Halsey!)
18. Get a new tattoo
19. Get a new piercing
20. Celebrate my 22nd Birthday abroad (kinda)
21. Volunteer for something
22. Visit all the major museums in London
23. Visit Disneyland
24. Be up to date with all my TV shows
25. Watch Sex and The City
26. Spend the night with Justin Bieber while he serenades me
27. Go to a Premiere
28. Buy a new Pandora charm for my bracelet
29. Milk a cow
30. Learn how to contour
31. Visit Amsterdam - FINALLY.
32. Keep a diary
33. Find a boyfriend to take me to nice places and buy me Victoria's Secret underwear
34. Make a new BFF
35. Meet someone famous
36. Not kill my sister
37. Get a bigger blog audience
38. Visit Ireland (& see my pals)
39. Visit Scotland (& see my pals)
40. Reach 2K REAL followers on Instagram
41. Take a road trip
42. Tweet less
43. Buy a record player
44. Buy a polaroid camera
45. Replace my favourite red Chanel lipstick that I lost in the space of 3 hours
46. Cook a meal for my housemates / family
47. Drink more water / Drink less coke
48. Bake a cake
49. Become a morning person
50. Remember to put everything in my memory jar!
51. Become more adventurous/outdoorsy
52. Get 2:1 or above for first semester modules 
53. Re-Unite with an old friend 
54. Become more active
55. Become a domestic goddess
57. Stop leaving work for the last minute
58. Start doing Yoga/Meditating
59. Enjoy G&Ts
60. Perfect a torta patata

♡ GS ♡

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