Thursday 24 March 2016

There are endless amount of things to do in London, but sometimes there are a lot of hidden gems that may not be as easy to come across as your standard Costa or Pret a Manger. Sadly I never got to make it to the Cream Egg pop up cafe but hey, I can make my own deep fried cream eggs. Check out some of these unique and quirky places London has to offer! 

1. Cereal Killer 

This is one that's been around for some time but I still haven't made it a point to visit. As the name suggests, it stocks over 120 varieties of cereal from around the world - complete with various types of milk and toppings! Then again, you are paying £6.00 for an extravagant bowl of cereal. 

2. Ziferbat Cafe 

This Russian cafe simply chargers customers by the length of which they stay in the cafe! You take an alarm clock when you enter are are charged 3p a minute, which means spending an hour there will only set you back £1.80. You also get free unlimited tea and biscuits! 

3. Lady Dinah Cat Emporium

This one got me very excited! London's first cat cafe allows you to enjoy a high tea whilst surrounded by their furry friends. As you can guess, you need to book this in advance and standard tickets are usually fully booked for a month in advance unless you'd like a high tea or VIP admission. They also have cats up for adoption now and then when they're tired of being in the limelight! 

4. Draughts London

Perfect for you board game enthusiasts, they offer an extensive library of board games for customers to enjoy whilst sipping on some tea or having a pint of beer. Customers are charged a cover fee to enter but you are also welcome to bring your own board games. The cafe also hosts themed nights and competitions!


NANA The comfy café offers a menu of homemade soups, burgers, freshly baked cakes and other hearty foods prepared by a community of elderly women in Hackney. The café, which opened last year, is housed in an old public women's toilet on Chatsworth Road which was restored with a roof terrace and stairs while retaining many of its original features such as the tiling on the walls

6. Love Shake 

Okay so this is more like a diner, but The Love Shake is a fifties-style milkshake bar in Shoreditch that is furnished with retro American diner booths, vintage lamps and an arcade machine as well as US car license plates and vintage posters on the walls. The café offers both traditional and alcoholic milkshakes as well as hot dogs and free coffee refills all day


Biscuiteers Biscuit lovers can try their hands at icing a biscuit or two while browsing a selection of sweet treats at this boutique and icing café in Notting Hill. The boutique also hosts themed icing classes and workshops teaching piping and decorating techniques.

8. Porridge Cafe

Porridge Cafe is a light-filled, poster-covered Hackney joint that specialises in well, porridge. You could almost say it's the cereal killer cafe's older healthier cousin. They offer a variety of flavours and toppings like pomegranate, blueberry and fried banana as well as a range of savory options. 

9. Scooby's Boutique Coffee Bar

This cafe allows you to bring your four-legged friends along with you and make them feel just as important. With a selection of doggy treats such as "cheese bone biscuits" and "roast chicken muffins" your dog won't want to leave. Don't worry, there's also options for us humans too. 

10. Meltroom

Specialising in grilled cheese sandwiches, do I have to say anything else? They really focus on the feeling of nostalgia inside, playing a variety of 90s music and serving your childhood favourites. 

Where's your favourite place to grab a bite to eat in London? 

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