Thursday 21 April 2016

In other words, this is a list of some of my favourite movies that yes - I have probably watched multiple times. I get asked a lot for movie recommendations from my friends and peers but then most of the time they never even bother watching them, until I sit there and force them to watch them with me. Since I can't physically force you guys to do anything (if only I had that power) you can read this post as a polite way of me telling you to watch ALL OF THESE. I've also decided to leave out the classics - yes I do love Titanic and Mean Girls, but who HASN'T seen those. 


One of my favourites movies ever and I don't really understand why because it always leaves me sorta depressed and hits you with the realisation of what relationships are really like nowadays - just casual flings. But Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are top on my list of actors so it's worth the sadness, the soundtrack is also pretty dope. 

This is one of the best coming of age movies around, Charlie is the cutest person you'll ever meet and you'll just want to hug him and never let go. I love how deep this movie actually is and how it makes you feel so many things - and is also very quotable. I also must say that Emma Watson's American accent was er, weird. 

Ah that iconic poem. This is one of my favourite movies starring the late Heath Ledger and it's just another feel good movie full of sarcasm, one liners and aw moments. Note my baby JGL also stars in this. 

4. The Dark Knight 

Speaking of great pieces of work by Heath Ledger - this has to be my favourite movie of the batman trilogy. Not just because of the jokers awesomeness but it's the one with the most action and just brings a lot more to the screen than Batman Begins did. Note Batman Vs Superman will not be making this list. 

I feel like this movie represents what I'd like my life to be like - travelling around the world with a rock band and writing for The Rolling Stones. Although I'm not sure who's life I'd want more Penny Lane's or little journalist boy. 

Props to my ex boyfriend for making me watch this movie, as it's still stuck with me as it was so fabulously strange. I loved the concept of it, the imagery and the storyline is like no other. It was directed by Tim Burton after all. 

I could probably quote this movie word for word - it's a movie that I thought was very overrated until I actually watched it. He builds her a bloody house and then sticks by her side even after she's got alzheimer's. It will have you awwww'ing from beginning to end. 

This was one of those psychological romances - is that even a genre? It had me thinking throughout it if I had the chance to erase the memory of someone would I? To answer that question no matter how much pain someone has caused you, memories are only half yours after all. 

This movie is HILARIOUS. The cast is great and it's just filled with lots of lols and a few awkward scenes which weren't the best to watch with my family - but they were all still cracking up at it. Also boys, you get to see a lot of semi-naked Jennifer Aniston. 

This one was great, the sequel sucked.

11. Orphan 

I watched this with my friend Gabriella years ago and it's still stuck with us as one of our favourite horrors/thrillers. She's just so damn creepy and there's a pretty good twist at the end! 

How could you not love this movie?

Not to be confused with the shittier movie with the same plot Sex Drive. This movie also gave birth to the song "Scotty Doesn't Know". 

I need to watch this again simply because I was dozing in and out of sleep the first time. We watched it in a group of 10 and is one of my friends favourites so it must be pretty good. I also loved that it was filmed in Coney Island because I'd been there the week before watching this - coinkidink! 

Such a good thriller - but you'll never trust another man again. 

I was torn between adding this or the Hannah Montana movie, but this one had me crying at the cinema so it ranked slightly higher. 

I spent the whole time watching this waiting for Freddie and Daphne to kiss. My life goal was also to be Daphne/Sarah Michelle Gellar and thus my love for purple was born. 

I was running out of ideas, so this one made the cut simply because Anne Hathaway was super badass as Cat Woman. 

Iconic but also, borderline incest. 

The newbie of the list! I loved this movie and I loved how REAL it was in that at the end of the movie *spoiler alert* some of them actually remained single, well done Hollywood. 

I couldn't forget about this one since I spent months waiting for it to come to cinemas in Gibraltar after I'd read the book the year before and it had been released in UK 3 months earlier - lame. I specifically remember me and my ex boyfriend sharing a tissue that I had available in my bag to wipe our tears away. 

How many of these have YOU seen? I'd love to hear some more of your favourites too!

♡ G 


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