Tuesday 4 October 2016

October is probably one of my favourite months. Mostly because Halloween is my favourite holiday, but also everything just seems to start making sense again and I'm finally back into a routine with University and life in general. If some of you are still feeling a bit glum because summer is finally over and you now have to crack on with work, here are a couple of things to look forward to this month!

1. Most TV shows are back on air. I've never understood why most shows go on a break over the summer, I mean that's pretty much the only time it's ok to stay at home and watch TV for 6 hours straight. They've just released a brand new series called Luke Cage on Netflix which looks promising and I'm going to try and find time to watch Stranger Things seeing as I seem to be the only personal on the planet who hasn't jumped on this wagon. The fact I haven't had wifi for 3 weeks means I also have a lot of TV to catch up with too so I know how I'll be spending most of my evenings this month. 

2. Halloween. This is a given, I mean who doesn't love Halloween. I'd even go as far as saying it's my favourite holiday because I love dressing up and everyone is just so extra on Halloween night and I usually end up speaking to about 100 people when I'm out. I'm also loving all the ghosts, pumpkin and spider emojis all over my Twitter timeline. I'd love to know in the comments what your plans for Halloween are this month and most importantly, what are you dressing as! If it's Harley Quinn, I give you 0 points for originality. 

3. Halloween movies. This needed it's own number on the list simply because for a lot of people watching Hocus Pocus 10 times across October is more important than the 31st. Growing up I lived for the Halloween episodes of Disney Channel - Recess, Boy Meets World, That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire and Home Improvement all had iconic ones and they're all on YouTube if you fancy a walk down memory lane! My favourite Halloween movie of all time has to be Halloween Town just because I pretty much had the same fringe as Marnie going when I was 12 and the rest of the cast pretty much resembled my family too. That scene in the movie theatre when they're all zombied out still freaks me out. If you're stuck on recommendations for what to watch check this post out here on what some of my readers favourite but spookiest film choices were. 

4. Pumpkin Spice everything. I think I break the female code when I say I've never tried a pumpkin spiced latte or a pumpkin for that matter, this is something everyone seems to get excited about so it had to make the list. I do love candles, which means pumpkin spice candles are available and that's good enough for me.

5. You can finally start wearing jumpers and ankle boots. Unless you live in Bournemouth, then you can wear them until about 1pm and then have to strip off before melting. I do love cosy knitted jumpers and it's easier to be fashionable in the Autumn when your outfit isn't completely pointless because you're not wearing a massive coat over it and in summer all I want to throw on is a skater dress and flip-flops.

I hope this post has made you look forward to this month and I'd love to hear what your plans for Halloween are, and pumpkin spiced lattes - yay or nay? 

♡ GS ♡

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