Thursday 6 October 2016

Being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely, I consider myself to be quite the extrovert and even though I don't like to be alone with my thoughts for extended periods of time, I do quite enjoy the odd evening or day to myself. I for one find I can't go on a shopping spree if I'm with a friend, I either get bored waiting around for them or feel like they're waiting on me and I can't spend 20 minutes in Urban Outfitters picking up every book. When I moved back to Bournemouth mid September most of my friends still weren't down yet and my housemate Meg was still away galavanting around Canada, so I had to find ways to entertain myself and here are some of the things I found/find most enjoyable and relaxing. 

1. Have a glamorous bubble bath. I have a couple of friends who have baths as opposed to showers every evening, and in that case having a regular bath won't really feel like "me time". Personally I only opt for baths a couple of times a month, so I have a stack of Lush bath bombs waiting in the bathroom for these occasions and make sure to pick up a bottle of Rose on the way home. If you follow me on snapchat (gianaspiteri) you might have noticed whenever I document these bath bombs unravelling I'm always listening to Lana Del Rey, Halsey, The 1975, James Bay (or lately Shawn Mendes) as I could probably fall asleep in the bath listening to them. Even better, create a bath time Spotify playlist!

2. Go see a movie by yourself. A couple of months ago I purchased an Odeon Limitless card which means I can see all the movies I want for £17 a month, which works out pretty great if you enjoy going to the cinema. This worked great when I was living in Wimbledon because my housemate had one too so we were literally in the cinema every other day, the staff would even give us free Tango Ice Blasts #goals. Now that I'm back in Bournemouth my friends here aren't really cinema fans and the Odeon is a bit out of the way, but I'm determined to make use of my Friday's off from University and go catch a movie in the morning! Pros - you have no one commentating throughout the movie and don't miss any important dialogue, cons - you have no one to watch your popcorn whilst you go for a pee. 

3. Keep a journal. It doesn't have to be pink and have a padlock on it, but keeping a journal is a great way to unwind and get everything out. I recently suffered from a loss in my family and find when I'm feeling low jotting down everything I'm feeling helps when I can't physically express my emotions. On the other hand, if you're feeling on top of the world and want to remember exactly how you were feeling, write it down! It will make you smile when you look back at it in 5 years. 

4. Pick up an adult colouring book. I was never a fan of this and just deemed this a waste of time, until someone bought me the "Swear Word" adult colouring book and I found it very entertaining and therapeutic to spend 10 minutes colouring in the words F*** O**. There's 100's of them out there now, so there's bound to be something that will tickle your fancy! 

5. Plan future trips. I do this most evenings, even though I currently have £1.05 in my savings account. I own a "Travel Listography" book which lets you document all the cities, museums, beaches etc. you've visited around the world and where you'd like to go, which I update constantly. Doing this and researching "10 Things To Do In -" on Pinterest only spark my wanderlust and get me excited for the future, but then I feel like I'm constantly just waiting for my next getaway! 

6. Light some scented candles. You don't have to break the bank and spend £40 on Yankee Candles either, Primark have a great selection and smell just as great! Combine this with pretty much anything else on this list and you've got your night sorted, maybe just refrain from bringing them to the cinema. 

7. Settle down with a good book. There's nights where I just switch off from technology and love losing myself in a good book, I feel like I get distracted when I have my phone beeping next to me so I either leave it on charge across the room or read at the beach. If you're stuck on what to pick up, here is a post I recently wrote on what my favourite reads this summer were. 

8. Write important dates in your calendar/diary, then go online shopping for nights out. This is where my Virgo traits start showing, I actually enjoy organising my life and own about 3 calendars and have 7 different colour coded categories on my Macbook calendar. Being in my final year of University means that technically I should leave going out for special occasions, which means finding new dresses of course!

9. Make yourself a cup of tea (and read my blog). The blog reading is optional, but if you're reading this you might as well grab a cuppa and have a scroll through. More on this later, but I'll be holding a blog giveaway soon which might involve you guys snapping up a photo of yourself on social media with a cup of tea and you guessed it, reading Tea With Gi. #watchthisspace

10. Take a nap. If all else fails and you're lonely, bored or have too much time on your hands, take a nap! It requires 0 energy and it gives your brain a chance to not think for a while, unless you're me and start dreaming about being chased by those clowns in South Carolina. 

Hope this post has been useful to you guys and that you enjoy your you time! What would your perfect night alone consist of?

♡ GS ♡

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