Tuesday 11 October 2016

The fact I'm writing this blog post instead of reading my dissertation handbook means I probably need to read this post more than anyone else, but I need to motivate myself too! Having spent a semester away and then going on placement for a year means that my days of referencing and citing journals seems like forever ago, so you can say getting my nose back into an academic book hasn't been the easiest. If you're just starting out or are well into your time at university, here are a couple of tips for time management and getting through uni! 

1. Put everything in a diary! Either get yourself a super cute one from Paperchase (I got mine from WHSmith) or simply use the one that comes with your laptop. I've got so much going on in my head that I constantly forget dates and things I was meant to do on certain dates - especially dentist appointments! Having a visual representation of what you're doing every month puts you at ease that you're not forgetting to do something or don't cram too much on one day. I also use them for mini to do lists which brings me on to my next point...

2. To-do lists are essential. I like to break mine up into sectors - social, uni work and blogging. There's something very satisfying about being able to cross things of your list and you definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. If you're feeling even more organised, have one for the whole month that you can keep adding to and when you want to have each thing done by. 

3. Plan things to look forward to. All work and no play is no fun and you're going to end up driving yourself crazy. Even if it's just a night out with the gals or a gig in the next town, having things to look forward to make you work harder and you won't feel guilty when you're having a well deserved break. 

4. Think about if it's going to matter a year from now. Basically, don't sweat the small stuff. I have major FOMO but so what if I have to miss a house party because I need to read two chapters of research methods (or vice versa) Just be realistic and don't worry about things that aren't going to matter in the long run! Unless you fail, that would kinda suck to be honest. 

5. Prioritise. My mum has given me plenty of talks about cutting back on blogging because I have to focus on my final year of university and doing well, but blogging is basically a part-time job now so it's something I'm having to learn to balance alongside my uni work. Then again, telling you guys what my favourite TV shows at the moment are shouldn't be occupying my evening when I should be reading up on leadership theories. 

6. Uni work doesn't have to be dreadful. At the end of the day it's something that's going to be taking up most of my days, so I might as well make it enjoyable. Go to the library with friends, have a good playlist to listen to whilst you're working, and if you're passionate about your dissertation project you might actually have a blast writing it - ha. 

7. Nights with friends doesn't always have to involve alcohol and a dance floor. I've been going out waaay too much lately, probably because I missed the first week and a half of "freshers" this year and needed to make up for it. So I think now is the time to start going out once a week and spend my evenings quizzing with Brad, Stewie and Zoe, playing giant snakes and ladders with Meg and going to Odeon by myself. 

8. Don't avoid things, ask or figure out how to do it! I'm literally the worst at this. This was the first year I actually had to be in charge of the bills and sorting out internet etc. so I kept putting it off when actually it was pretty simple. Same goes for uni work, I'd rather ignore something until I'm forced to do it than just figure it out or ask someone. Fear of the unknown! 

9. Make sure to have some off time to yourself. I could write you a lengthy paragraph here, or you can my recent post on how to enjoy your own company here. 

10. It's not going to be a walk in the park, but remember the end game. And finally, remember you're here for (partying 3 times a week, going to 1/2 of your lectures and just having a good time) a degree! You'll get through it just how 49283929 of other students have, so just work hard and have a good time. They are meant to be the best years of your life after all! 

♡ GS ♡

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