Sunday 9 October 2016

I'm probably the queen of being petty - all those posts on Buzzfeed relating to petty people are all me. I mean I wouldn't go as far as to throw everyones food in the office away like that guy did because somebody ate his sandwich, nevertheless it was still hilarious to read. Which is why I thought It would be very entertaining to ask you guys what some of the pettiest things you've ever done are. As always, one of my stories is hidden in there somewhere and if you know me well, you'll be familiar with it. 

1. "My boyfriend upset me and made me cry so I wiped my snot on his t-shirt when he wasn't paying attention."

2. "When I was younger my mum always used to feed me these canned tomato hula hoops which I hated, so to annoy her I used to swap all the can labels in the cupboard."

3. "I slept with this one guy and I was pretty into him, as most boys do he then proceeded to ignore my text messages after, so I slept with his best friend. Guess who got a text back the next morning. 

4. "My housemates kept drinking my milk, so when I decided to start buying almond milk, I put a tablespoon of mayonnaise into the carton of milk I still had in my cupboard." 

5. "I still had my exes log in details on Whatsapp, I had suspicions he been sleeping with a girl who would always meddle in our relationship (this girl also had a boyfriend). So I messaged said girl on my exes Whatsapp asking when we could sleep together again, when she answered and confirmed that they had been sleeping together, I sent the screenshots to the girls boyfriend." 

6. "When I was younger we had this one friend who would always show off how good she was at gymnastics, so one day when she called for me at my window, I asked her to show me how high she could hold her leg and then threw a bucket of water out the window at her - My idea was inspired by flashdance." 

7. "I was on my boyfriends Facebook the other day and a really pretty girl came out on his timeline, so I unfriended her for him." 

8. "My housemate in first year was always going on about how hench he was and always telling us we should eat more protein and so on, so one day we swapped his protein powder with Options Instant Hot Chocolate." 

9. "My housemate annoyed me one night so I put a dead moth on his pillow." 

10. "My sister used to be terrified of bees, we were on holiday in the pool and she wasn't sharing the rubber ring our mum had bought us. So when she was sat on it there was a bee on her leg and I shook her so she would jump and get stung by the bee."

If you guys are fine with having your stories identified on here, I'd love to hear some of yours in the comments below!

♡ GS ♡

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