Friday 4 November 2016

I haven't done a monthly favourites post in months, simply because I'm a broke student and buying clothes and make-up has had to take a back seat. Seeing as I never have enough material based on movies, books and beauty alone, I thought I'd group them all into one and do a blog post on things I have been loving this month and share it with you guys. 


MUA "Undress Your Skin" Highlighter - I've always struggled to find an inexpensive highlighter, so when my friend Lynsey came to London to visit me she tried hers on me and WOW. I was meaning to get my own and then she ended up buying me one for my birthday which I was over the moon about. This highlighter gives off quite a "unicorny" shimmer and it's bound to make all your selfies 10X better, mine even gleamed in my mirror selfies! 

NYX Matte Lip Cream in "Cannes" - Anyone who knows me can tell you I've stuck to MAC lipsticks for the past 5 years and rarely use anything else, until now. Although they're always my go to brand for reds, I find the NYX range is really good and inexpensive too. My only complaint is that the colours shown on the tube aren't very accurate to what actually comes in the bottle - especially the reds! However this pinky nude looks great in the day time and lasts for ages. 

Kylie Cosmetics "Reign" Metal Matte Lipstick - I feel now that it's autumn its acceptable to rock this darker shade of red/burgundy. The only downside to the matte lipsticks is that its hard to get an even coat, but once it's on it stays! I like to apply this ontop of my MAC "Diva" lippy so it's a bit less intense (and matches my hair colour)

VS Pure Seduction - I've been using this body lotion and body spray every time I go out and I've had no complaints! I can't say much for the seduction part because the only compliments have been from girls but hey, this stuff smells good. 

VS Leave-In Conditioner - I swear by this stuff! Sadly they don't sell hair products in the Victoria's Secret stores in UK so I have to order this online. It leaves your hair super smooth and I'm addicted to the smell. It also leaves my hair nice and wavy so I don't even need to use sea salt spray. 


As you can tell from my Instagram, Snapchats etc. I am a big fan of all shades of red. Lynsey also happens to have her own range of handmade bags that I am absolutely in love with, I want to own them all. She kindly made me this burgundy wine bag that comes with me on every night out now. It's also quite fun to stroke and fits in a lot more than my tiny back bag (which is how I lost my Dior lipstick after 1 use, sad times). If you'd like to grab a bag for yourself, head to her Etsy store here.  

Clothing wise, I have been loving bomber jackets this season. I use my red one so much that wearing a shirt underneath is practically pointless because it looks like I'm wearing the same thing every damn time. Luckily Primark and BooHoo have a range of more subtle colours which I'm slowly adding to my collection. I am dying to get my hands on a baby pink one when my bank balance permits me to! I've also been digging chokers lately, Bershka had the daintiest ones that I fell in love with. I don't think I can rock a thick black band yet or a "dog chain" but watch this space. 


Pomegranate seeds, tortilla chips and guac. 


AHS: Roanoke - Even though this started in September my Wi-Fi didn't start working until the 5th October so it counts. I also keep pronouncing it "Roah No Key" even though the show clearly states its "Roah Noke" but whatever. It's taken me a while to get into this season, I wasn't sure if I liked the whole documentary type thing but now that they've got this whole "big brother" thing going on it's got pretty interesting. However there has been a severe lack of Evan Peters this season. 


If you follow me on twitter, then you probably know who's getting the limelight this month. Shawn Mendes of course! I know he's 18 and I'm not about to go all fan girl on him because I think that phase has passed (it lasted a record of 9 days), but his album is so good. I was going through a phase of listening to his singles Mercy and Treat You Better every time I walked to uni and then with perfect timing his new album Illuminate was released. I keep pestering my friends to listen to his album but in case you want to just skip to the good tracks - ruin, don't be a fool, patience and bad reputation are my personal favourites. 


My time dedicated to reading for pleasure has decreased significantly because i have a dissertation and more uni work to worry about, but before the going got tough I managed to finish reading Eleanor & Park and thought this book was so cute. It basically reminded me what it was like to be 17 and in love, well "puppy" love and how not all relationships are expected. They're also making a film adaptation of the book in 2017 which I am very excited about, my money is on Ezra Miller playing Park. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and hopefully I can keep it up this time! I'd love to hear what some of your highlights of October were. 

♡ GS ♡

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