Saturday 28 January 2017

This week I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in Lisbon with the rest of my events management course as part of our 'international events management' module. Which meant it was pretty much all paid for by BU because we deserve some luxuries after enduring all the 'what are you going to do with a degree in party planning' comments over the years. I'd been to Lisbon previously but never got to do much sightseeing as we just went for a football match at the time, so here's what I got up to this time round. 


As always its best to stay in the city centre so that you can pretty much walk or cycle anywhere and it makes the journey home a lot easier if you're planning on drinking jugs of sangria. We stayed at the Lisbon Living Hostel right in the heart of Lisbon and it's definitely put me at ease for staying in a hostel when I go travelling again in April. I think the bed was more comfortable than my double bed at home and the staff where so friendly and were there to answer any questions we had about the city or where to go. 


I think the most beautiful site we visited had to be the Jeronimos Monastery, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The gothic architecture is great and the story behind the monastery is rather interesting to. Although make sure you're visiting on a warm day! This is also the place where the famous 'pastels de nata' originated from. 

We also had a walking tour from the square up to the Sao Jorge Castle whilst passing through the cathedral and the very scenic district of Alfama. Lisbon is rather hilly and with 300 days of sunshine, you're gonna break a sweat so make sure you're prepared with a cap and water! As with most hills, the view is usually worth it. The Castle had be feeling like I was in King Louie's temple in The Jungle Book, so that should give you an idea of what it's like inside. 


As with most cities, the best food is usually found on the outskirts or outside of the main city centre just because the centre usually caters for tourists and doesn't really give you a taste of the local culture. If the menu has pictures of every plate of food, then it's most likely going to be too expensive and taste like poop. The Time Out Square is a great place to eat and drink and has a selection of food stalls and cheap wine! The Barro Alto area is a great place to find local food and a variety of bars and clubs. I'm not a huge fan of ice-cream, but Amorino offered the same rose-shaped gelato that I had in Budapest and I just can never get enough of it, I 100% recommend and even if you're vegan, they cater for you too! Finally, you can't leave Lisbon without trying their Pastels De Nata, found pretty much everywhere but if you want the authentic and original kind, head to Pasteis De Belem which is found a 2 minute walk from the monastery. If you fancy a snack, definitely purchase some 'tremosos' which Megan is a big fan of, if you're from Gib/Spain then these are essentially just 'saladitos'. 

  • Lisbon is a pretty safe city, but as always there are always people out to pick a pocket or two so make sure to be aware of this, and I'd recommend not keeping all your money in one place at the same time. 
  • Beware of people selling you fake drugs on the streets which are usually just a mix of white powdered substances. Although I'm sure you won't be trying to purchase these anyway. 
  • You can see most of Lisbon by foot, but their trains are pretty easy to understand (there are only four lines) and you can buy a card that pretty much works like an oyster card.
  • Portuguese people would rather you speak to them in English than Spanish 
  • Opt for hostels over hotels if you want to save money, the one we stayed in was voted best hostel in Europe in 2010 and it's a great way to meet people. 
  • If you get the chance, try experiencing some local Fado music, it really is something!
Thanks for reading and if you have anything else to add to this post or must see spots in Lisbon, please feel free to share in the comments!

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