Tuesday 31 January 2017

January has literally flown by, I've spent half of it in Gibraltar then rushed to Lisbon for a few days after exams and now I'm back in Bournemouth ready to face reality and start cracking on with my final semester *shivers*. I skipped out on this post in December with Christmas being in the way and all, but here are some of my favourite things from the month.


I finally made use of all my empty MAC tubes and managed to snag two free lipsticks - yay! I've been loving Amorous as a day-time colour and Chilli for a more bold red/orangey lip. I usually tend to stick to darker tones (or else they clash with my hair colour) but this shade seems to compliment my skin-tone nicely. The Chilli shade (left) comes in a matte finish whilst Amorous has a satin finish. You've probably spotted the big clam in the photo, which you're probably aware is the Spectrum brush kit and oh my god it is perfection. It doesn't come cheap at £70 but luckily my amazing friend Kirsty got me the set for Christmas because she knows I love all things mermaid. I was never one to use make-up brushes and relied on my fingers (bad I know oops) but ever since using these, especially the foundation brush, I don't think there's any going back. 

I've also been loving Rimmel's 60 second nail polishes, and for £2.99 each how could you not?! They stay on just as well as O.P.I and for a third of the price. I was also given a set of all the benefit minis and they came in handy on my trip to Lisbon and are essential for carrying around with me, especially on a night out where the chances of me getting drunk, crying and needing to re-do my eyeliner are high. 


I just got down reading I'm Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork and I don't think I've finished a 500 page book that quickly since I read Beach Blondes when I was 15. I love thriller movies so I don't know why I don't read more of them, as the case was with this book I just wanted to find out what the hell was going on and who was murdering all these girls and why the church was so creepy etc. I also felt slightly afraid of my own shadow when walking accross my flat at 1:30am after finishing the book. The only thing I found was there was so many characters (with Norwegian names) being introduced in every chapter that it all got a bit confusing until you got to know them. Nevertheless I gave it a solid 4/5 on goodreads. 


If you've checked out my 'movie watch list'  then you'll see I've watched a fair bit this month (and December but I forgot half of those). I was going to give Spotlight the spotlight (aha) on this post, but I'm going to go with Split - even though I'm seeing it tonight but I already know it's going to be the best movie I've watched in a while. I suggest you go check out the trailer now and try and catch it whilst it's still on in cinemas! 


I'm not going to lie, I spend 60% of my time listening to Disney songs and Lana Del Rey, but this month one of my favourite artists dropped a couple of tunes, to my disappointment because I thought we were getting a whole album, but this will have to do. John Mayer's The Search For Everything EP sounds just like its come from his Continuum or Paradise Valley album and he's definitely stayed true to his roots. I'm also very sad I can't go see him again on tour this year, but girl's gotta save money!

What have been some of your favourites this month? Hope February is good to you all! 

♡ GS ♡

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