Monday 13 February 2017

To quote one of my favourite movies, "relationships are messy and peoples feelings get hurt". That being said we all take something from previous relationships, may it be the realisation that you're not really that into blondes anymore or that dating a boy in a band isn't as fun as you imagined it would be when your place is trashed every week. With Valentine's Day just 48 hours away, I decided to skip the whole 'gifts for your partner' post because what's the post of being sent caviar for two when I don't even have a cat? So here's 10 people on what they've learnt from their past relationships instead!

1. "Cliche as it sounds, I've learnt that you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else. I felt so insecure in my relationship and was constantly comparing myself to other girls, doesn't help when he was liking and commenting on other girls photos on Instagram either. So I need to realise I am a queen and the next boy I meet should treat me like one too" - female, 23 

2. "Don't cheat! If you make a mistake, just tell them straight away, it's going to come out eventually and it's going to be easier while it's still fresh" - female, 22 

3. "Not to put all your time, effort and hope into someone who doesn't treat you the way you deserve because nine times out of ten the idea of them will be better than the reality of being with them" - female, 22

4. "Don't chase anyone. I hate modern dating and the fact that boys don't want to come accross too eager so purposely take a day to text you back a two word reply. If someone really wants to be with you they'll cut the games and bullshit and make an effort." - female, 22 

5. "Not to get attached to every boy you exchange numbers with, because most of the time they'll 'forget' to text you back and play games and only message you when it's convenient to them" - female, 22 

6. "To be more considerate about her feelings and that it's ok to show emotion. I got so stuck up trying to be a 'man' that sometimes I'd just act like I didn't care about things and was a stubborn idiot. I could probably be a bit more romantic too." - male, 23 

7.  "I've learnt not to let anyone treat me less than how I deserve to be treated. I've had pervious boyfriends who have been cruel and unkind and made me feel insecure and I won't ever let that happen again." - female, 21 

8. "I need an independent woman who doesn't count on me for everything. I'm all down for going out together and nights in but when she always wants to tag along with you and your mates she needs to get her own life!" - male, 21 

9. "If you're not going to be compatible in the long-run, then it's better to rip the bandage off early. There's no point spending three years with someone if then you want to go down completely different roads. I know relationships are about compromise but you shouldn't have to sacrifice everything you want, or you'll be kicking yourself in the butt if you break up and you've missed great opportunities" - female, 22 

10. "What i've learnt about past relationships is that in one way or another they have all lead me to the one I am in now, and happily married! Although I might cringe at most of them I wouldn't really regret anything since they taught me exactly what I did and didn't want in a partner - a man and not me being the man in the relationship. Although I do wish i would have figured it out a bit sooner to avoid some embarrassment" - female, 23 

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day whatever you decide to do! 


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