Thursday 2 March 2017

I must say, I haven't been on a 'long-haul' flight since Florida two years ago, but as some of you might have heard I'M GOING TO INDIA IN TWO WEEKS! I've very luckily been selected to be part of the Kerala Blog Express with 25 other bloggers and will be travelling accross Kerala experiencing the very best the state has to offer, and then telling you guys all about it. This also happens to be my first connecting flight (if you don't count Glasgow) so I'm pretty paranoid about my luggage going missing but hey. If any of you have a trip coming up, here is a handy list of things to do to on your journey. 

1. Start a new TV show. This is probably one of the only times it's acceptable to binge watch something because you can't do much work without the internet. If you're airline is providing entertainment you're covered, if not be sure to download your favourite episodes on your tablet or laptop. My friend Mariah spends her flights watching That's So Raven so it's always a good time to revisit old favourites. 

2. Read. I spend most of my reading time on trains or planes, because I have no other distractions. It's amazing how quickly the hours go by when you're lost in a good book. 

3. Write postcards. On your journey home, I find if I don't do this then I just push it aside when I get home. I always buy a postcard for myself to write memories from the trip and then add it to my collection. P.S friends I collect postcards so I would love one from your next trip! I'll be sure to reimburse you the 79p. 

4. Fill in your diary. Flights are usually the best time to get organised and plan out the rest of your life week. The fact I'm missing two weeks of university had me pretty worried, but now until then my diary is filled with to-do lists to make sure my time there can be (almost) stress free. You could also take this time to plan a bucket list for the year, a pros and cons list or monthly goals. 

5. Have a glass of wine. Especially if you're destination is a party capital, but then you might want something a bit stronger. A glass of wine always gets me in the holiday mood, and usually puts me right to sleep as well. 

6. Plan your next trip. This is hard to do without internet, but you can make a list of places you want to see, things to do and so on. I have a travel listography book that has me listing all the countries I want to visit, UNESCO heritage sites I've been too, people I've gone travelling with and so on. 

7. Colour. It's therapeutic.

8. Read university journals/work on your uni work. This might require prior planning and having 40 tabs open for you to read through whilst travelling. I've allocated the 18 hours in total I'll be flying to work on my conclusions and recommendations - I'll let you know in a future blog post if this was successful. 

9. Listen to all those albums you say you're going to listen to but never get round to doing so. Or the songs that your friends tell you to listen to 50 times and you never do it - hinting at my pals here. 

10. Sleep. When all else fails, get some ZZzzzs. When I have a very early morning flight I usually stay up so I can just fall asleep for the whole journey. Sometimes it works, sometimes I just end up like a sluggish zombie.

What do you like to do to pass your time on a flight? 

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