Wednesday 1 March 2017

Being a blogger means you pick up a number of skills along the way, ranging from SEO to content marketing. If you're looking for someone to write content for your brand or company to set you apart from the competition, then look no further. I offer freelance content marketing services that ensure your brand is at the forefront of the digital world and keeps your customers engaged and interested. Through my own blog and university degree, I have developed skills in social media marketing, digital marketing, copywriting and SEO. I have written for a variety of topics but my main topics of interest are travel, lifestyle, nutrition, beauty, fitness and pop culture. 

Whether you're looking to promote your brand/idea on my blog or would like me to bring my ideas to you - get in touch to see how we can work together. 


Whether you're looking for someone to write content for your website, post on your social media channels or want people to promote your services/products through blogging/influencer marketing - I'm your gal. I have been writing online content for 3 years and have a diploma in social media marketing as well as experience in SEO and digital marketing. I can write content that is tailored to your brand and most importantly, content that people want to read and engage with. 

I have worked on content for a range of brands and industries, including lifestyle, travel, automotive, relationships, food & drink, pop culture, fitness and wellness. As each brand has a different vision and mission to accomplish, I work with clients/brands on an individual basis depending on what their objectives and goals are. 


Content Writing/Copywriting - Having a blog for your website not only improves your search engine optimisation, but it also encourages more people to visit your website and engage with it. If you own a juice bar, writing a weekly post on different nutritional health benefits will lead to more people clicking on your website to find out more, but more importantly potential clients will be more likely to visit your shop and make a purchase as they will be more informed and have more trust in your product. 

Social Media Marketing/Consulting - Most people nowadays rely on social media and word of mouth for reviews and information, so it comes as no surprise that having good social media presence is important when setting your brand apart from the competition. If you're looking for someone to run your social media channels, or a consultation on what you should be posting and when, please get in touch for fees. 

For more information on the different services offered or to arrange a quick chat, please email me at

Giana Spiteri

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