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I love hotels, but ever since I've been travelling alone (and by that I mean without my family) I've had to say goodbye to luxury and turn the price settings on from lowest-highest. To my delight, whilst on the Kerala Blog Express trip I had the luxury of staying in 5 stars, house stays, houseboats and under the stars! By the end of the trip I became an expert on living out of a suitcase and felt like I was a rockstar on the road, whilst of course losing my pyjamas, mascara and toothbrush on the way - thank god for hotel toiletries! Here's a list of some of my favourites, and there is truly something for every type of traveller. 

kerala hotel


Coconut Lagoon was one of the most luxurious hotels we stayed in, and it was clear to see why! From the moment we stepped off the boat (there's a 5-10 minute transfer to the resort) we were treated like royalty. Fresh coconuts in hand, we had a very scenic walk to our room which included some trees planted by some famous guests, we used Jude Law's tree as a point of navigation for getting back to our room. The bathroom is 'outdoors' meaning you'll be showering with nature, and might hear a cow or two. The staff, food and pool were all lovely, and most importantly there was free wi-fi! 

Perfect For: luxury travellers, couples, 

coconut lagoon


Rainbow Cruises provide accommodation for up to 6 guests on their houseboats. If you're looking for a different kind of stay which is common to Kerala, then this is definitely the way to go. Our houseboat was complete with an upstairs deck for sunbathing and watching local life go by on the backwaters. Rooms were doubles and featured a private bathroom. We had a comfortable stay and breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in an air conditioned room. 

Recommended for: families, group travel. 

rainbow cruises


Greenwoods is an eco-friendly hotel located in the heart of Kumily, and is set amidst beautiful greenery. It's even complete with it's own tree house 'bar' serving drinks throughout the day. The hotel has an outdoor pool and serves Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine. The rooms are nicely furnished and air-conditioned. It was a bit cooler in this area of Kerala, so we couldn't get much sun bathing in, as the pool area is also shaded by the trees but we still had a nice long swim. 

Recommended for: eco-travellers, couples, solo travellers.



When I first heard we were going camping for an evening, I pictured the small triangle tents you'd expect at a festival, but I was pleasantly surprised to see we had very spacious tents complete with two simple beds, a desk and a power socket woo! Food was served at the camp, and I probably ate my weight in the spiced chicken they were serving. This is a great place to stay if you're thinking of doing the leisure activities they offer such as trekking, kayaking and bird watching. Of course staying by the mountains meant we had an amazing view of the stars, and sunrise!  

Perfect For: Groups, Solo, Adventure.

kalypso adventures


The Tea County resort was beautiful, and was just a stone throw away from the town which we took a nice wonder through to purchase some local treats (and alcohol). Rooms were equipped with a nice little fruit hamper and I slept like a baby. We had a great bonfire party here as the hotel sometimes provides entertainment for guests - so this automatically makes this one of my favourites!

Perfect For: Couples, Solo, Friends.

tea county


The Marriott Hotel needs no introduction as I'm sure you're all aware of their hotel standards accross the world! This was my second time staying in a Marriott hotel and I probably had one of the best sleeps of my life here. Even though I personally prefer hotels that are surrounded by nature, I could not complain about this luxurious stay. We were treated to a special dinner where the chef provides us with more than 10 dishes, I made the mistake of heading to Pizza Hut in the afternoon at the mall next door, which meant dinner was a struggle but half of it looked too tempting to not try. The room was complete with double beds, and a 'magic' button that opened from the bathroom to the bedroom - which I guess has its uses and perhaps its best to figure out what this button does before doing your business! 

Perfect For: Business, Couples, Luxury.

marriott kochi


During our stay in Wayanard, we had the pleasure of staying with a local family at Pranavam. They treated us to a traditional lunch on a banana leaf and we even got to try some of their coffee straight from the coffee plantations. Before heading out to the rafts, I had a quick nap so I can confirm the beds are comfortable and you'll be asleep in 10 minutes flat. The property features 4 rooms and is perfect for travellers looking for an authentic stay and outdoor activities. 

Perfect For: Adventure, Families, Solo.

Photo By Viajar Entre Viagens 


Last but not least is the Vythiri Village Resort. Personally this takes first place for me as everything down to the rooms, experience and service was great. Our rooms features our own private pool, and double beds where the comfort came second to Marriott. The resort is huge, so staff are around to transport you to the pool, restaurant etc. but the walk is lovely and a great way to burn off all the naan breads. We were treated to live music and a gala dinner which also makes it one of my most memorable stays with the Kerala Blog Express team! 

Perfect For: Couples, Luxury, Nature Lovers. 

vythiri village

I'd like to thank all these hotels for a wonderful stay during my time in Kerala! What kind of hotels do you tend to opt for when travelling? Which of these would you love to stay in?

*I was offered complimentary stays at these hotels as part of the Kerala Blog Express trip, but all views and opinions are my own. 


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  1. Coconut lagoon sounds absolutely incredible - showering in nature, wow! And how cute are you in that photo as well?? The eco friendly hotel sounds wonderful as well, especially with all those choices of cuisine! Lucky you for going on such a fab trip!

    Abbey 🌈

    1. aw thank you! Coconut Lagoon was lovely, we were told a lot of celebrities stay there so we were like oooo!

      G x

  2. Beautiful! Travelling is one of my goals, jealous! X

    1. thank you! I wish I could travel all the time!

      G x

  3. Looks stunning! Totally jealous! xx

  4. Wow! All of those look amazing! That pool at the end was fabulous! What a fabulous experience!

    1. I know! I tried to take a photo in the middle on the edge but I was too scared of falling!

      G x

  5. Wow! this looks amazing!! I really want to go there now haha, great post :)

  6. Hmmm, I missed the pool at Greenwoods :)

  7. These all sound like amazing hotels and I've neber heard of any of them but coconut lagoon is the one I'm most drawn to x

  8. Tea County!! Sounds like it was made for me as I love tea haha... it also looks beautiful!! Going to leave your post on my laptop and hope the other half gets the hint! Will be looking for somewhere to go on our honeymoon soon!! Getting married in 26 days!xxxxxx

  9. Wow coconut lagoon sounds like heaven and the adventure camp also looks like SO much fun! Loved reading this post, I've never wanted to visit Kerala because I didn't know anything about it but have definitely changed my opinion now I've read these 2 posts of yours!

    Love Izzy |

  10. I would love to visit Greenwoods! It looks absolutely amazing and I am always looking for great eco places :)

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

  11. Wow these all look lovely, glad you had such a good time!

  12. Greenwoods looks amazing - I love the idea of really immersing yourself in your surroundings while you're staying somewhere new! You're so lucky to have stayed in all these places :)
    Amy xx

  13. Oh wow all of these look amazing! What a trip!!


  14. These all look so good! Coconut Lagoon and Greenwoods look like they might be my faves, especially as coconut lagoon gives you fresh coconuts, so cool!

    Hayley | x

  15. Coconut lagoon looks beautiful! The treatment you received should be the way everyone treats people!

    Holly x

  16. All of these places look amazing! we tend to stay in an apartment when we go abroad cxxxx

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