Sunday 14 May 2017

I can't remember the last time I was able to travel with just a handbag for hand luggage, I've been moving around so much lately that I usually need all the space I can get which means more 'wheely' suitcases for me! When I get the luxury of being able to just use a bag for travelling (or the airline lets me get away with both) it makes flying more enjoyable in that I can have everything I need under the seat in front of me, and usually once I get to my destination I can just head straight back out with my bag. Marc B kindly sent me their cherrybrook mushroom handbag for all my travelling essentials - here's everything that comes along with me when travelling! 

marc b bag

1. A good handbag.

Unless you're planning on taking a small suitcase with you too, then a tiny bag is pretty pointless unless you're flying for an hour, need no entertainment and simply flying home. This Marc B bag is the perfect size and features three compartments including a zip pocket in the middle meaning you can keep all your important documents secured there. This particular bag also comes with a long strap if you wish to hang it over your shoulder or wear it cross body.  

2. Ipad.

If I'm on a short-haul flight and have no entertainment system then this is always good for watching Netflix (yay for downloadable shows!) and writing up blog posts or university assignments. If you're on a long-haul flight check out my blog post on how to keep yourself entertained. 

3. Portable Charger.

9/10 times I forget to charge it, so then it becomes pretty useless. This is a must when I'm travelling anywhere out of Gibraltar because the chances of me using up all my battery when listening to music and watching old videos on my phone are high. If not I'm then the idiot who has to sit in Gatwick Airport waiting for my phone to charge before I can get on any train (don't forget your chargers either).

4. Book.

I find time goes quickest on a flight when I'm lost in a book, check out my Instagram for what I'm currently reading! I wish my kindle still worked cause it's a lot more handy when travelling and takes up a lot less room, but alas the battery gave up on it. 

5. Magazine.

For when reading small words with no pictures starts to become a challenge. 

6. Document Wallet.

I bought one of these from accessorize years ago and it comes with me everywhere! They're so handy for keeping all your important stuff in one place and not crumpled at the bottom of your bag. If you have a friend who likes to travel, this would make a great gift! 

7. Moisturiser.

I tend to travel foundation free because then my face just ends up feeling sticky after an hour in flight. Travel sized items are always the best for this. 

8. Hand Sanitiser.

For when you spill your in-flight meal and the flight attendant is on the other side on the plane. 

9. Face Wipes.

Necessary on a long-haul flight unless you're going for the dewy look. 

10. A notebook (and pen).

I usually tend to journal most when I'm flying cause I have nothing else to distract me, or use it as an opportunity to write down an abundance of lists. 

11. Eye mask.

I find it hard to fall asleep when I know people can see me, especially because my mouth ends up opening when I doze off. Plus if the person next to the window doesn't want to shut the window, then no problem. 

marc b bag

what are some of your favourite travel essentials? I'd love to know if you guys have any trips planned soon! 


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