Tuesday 23 May 2017

Studying abroad has its obvious benefits. You’ll be able to get out the country and come to Britain. It’ll be a great adventure and after you’ve finished at university, who knows, you could end up staying here. Why wouldn’t anybody want to do it? If you’re thinking like this, you may need to slow down. While it is a great opportunity to explore the world, it does still have its downsides. You will be completely uprooting your life, leaving all of your family and friends behind, and starting again. There is always the chance that you could run into problems, which is why proper planning is vital. If you are toying with the idea of moving to Britain to study, there are a few things you should think carefully about first.

Is It The Right Country?

Everybody is going to have a different experience of Britain when they arrive. Some people are going to absolutely love it, and others are going to hate it with a passion. There is no country in the world that you can guarantee everybody will love, and Britain is no exception. You need to ask yourself what your motivation is. If you’re basing your desire to come to Britain on movies and TV, you’ll have a big surprise when you arrive. Most depictions of Britain and its people are pretty inaccurate. The best thing to do before moving anywhere is to visit for a short period first. Once you have a sense of what the country is really like, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether you want to move here. 

Where Will You Go?

Deciding where to go is something else you need to think about. For people that have never been here, it might seem like Britain is just the city of London, surrounded by countryside. There are plenty of other cities up and down the country that you might be better suited to, so make sure that you do your research and visit them if possible. 

Where Will You Stay?

Once you’ve decided on a city then you’ll need to find somewhere to live while you’re here. The days of turning up in a city with a rucksack and finding somewhere to stay are over. If you’re in London you can look into serviced accommodation from LSA for great apartments that are well kept. If you’re struggling to find somewhere to live, try contacting the university that you are going to study at, they should be able to give you some advice. 

Can You Afford It?

Britain isn’t a cheap country, and prices are steadily creeping up. If you are coming from a country elsewhere in Europe, you might find that things cost a lot more than they do at home. If you only have a limited amount of funds, this is going to be an issue. There is always the chance that you can find work while you study, but if you put all your eggs in that basket and then find you can’t get a job, you’ll be stuck. When you’re budgeting, make sure you are using British prices for things, not the prices at home. Always account for extra as well, you never know what might happen. 

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