Tuesday 13 June 2017

You probably take very good care of your skin and hair, but what about your eyes? The only time we really think about our eyes is when we’re applying makeup to them, but our eyes need as much TLC as the rest of us if they are to look their most beautiful. If you want to ensure your eyes are always bold, bright and beautiful here’s what you need to do. 

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Slice Up a Cucumber

Cucumbers and eyes are the perfect partners, which is why you can’t go to a health and beauty spa without seeing rows of women with mud masks on their face and cucumber slices on their eyes. You see, cucumbers are great at keeping the eyes hydrated and preventing, or reducing the appearance of dark circles. Just slice them up, place them over your eyes and lie back for 15 minutes. Your eyes will look fresher and more radiant than ever before.

Get Plenty of Vitamins

Eating a nutritious diet high in vitamins, particularly A and C will help you to maintain good eye health, which will show in the way your eyes sparkle and shine. There’s nothing worse than dull, lifeless eyes, and eating carrots, lemons, peppers, and squash will ensure that you never have that particular problem again.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of plain water or green tea isn’t just good for making your skin look plumper and more youthful, it’s also great for diminishing dark circles and keeping the eyes bright. Ideally, you should sip water and tea throughout the day, drinking around 8-10 glasses if you can manage it.

Don’t Trash Those Tea Bags

If you suffer from puffy eyes, placing a cold tea bag (black or green,) over the affected area will soothe the area, reduce the puffiness and make your skin look and feel great.

A Splash of Rose Water

Rose water is like a natural rejuvenating serum for the eyes. Using just a few drops when needed will cleanse the eyes and bring back that sparkle.

Invest in Better makeup

If you want your eyes to look as good as they possibly can, there’s nothing wrong with using a little enhancement. Some well –places mascara and a dash of eyeliner can really open up the eyes and give you a more feminine look, but you need to buy the best quality makeup you can afford for the best look. Avance cosmetic is a pioneer for eye makeup, so you can guarantee good results from any of their products if you don’t know where to start.

Shape Your Brows

Your eyebrows might be a bit above your eyes, but they are still an important part of creating the most beautiful eyes. As a minimum, you should aim to remove any stray hairs, especially if you’re starting to form a mono-brow and brush your brows so that they’re as neat and tidy as possible. For most people, brows that are on the fuller, thicker side give the best look, not only to the eye area but to the whole face.

What are your top tips for maintaining your eye area?

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