Saturday 10 June 2017

Being an adult is hard, even though we technically become adults at 18 there is still a lot of learning and life to get through and sometimes it feels like we're not quite where we should be in our lives. I feel like we feel this especially in our 20s, or after a major chapter in our lives has ended like finishing university, college or even starting a new job. Now that I'm officially unemployed it kind of scares me that I am now being thrown into the 'real world' but I feel like that means so many different things nowadays, with so many people being digital nomads, taking prolonged gap years and working for themselves, there isn't really one right path to go down. I feel like I'm going into a totally different blog post so I'll quit the rambling and get on to the point of the post, here are 10 signs that we are doing better in life that we think we are. 

1. You paid the bills this month (or your memberships). Ok so if you're still a student then this one goes out to your parents, but if you make any sort of income be proud that you can support yourself and pay the bills. I'm happy my blog work manages to pay for my monthly memberships at least and I can't wait to be earning a salary and be self-sufficient and treating my parents instead.

2. You have the time to do something you love or enjoy. Even if its playing the Sims for hours or taking care of your ant farm, the fact you have the luxury to do something you enjoy in your spare time shows you have it good. 

3. You've felt love (and heartbreak). Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world, and sadly heartbreak sometimes comes with it too but it's part of growing up. Plus we learn a lot about ourselves and what we want in other people through this too. If you haven't felt it with a S/O yet then just know the love your friends and family have for you is also enough. 

4. You have a great support group around you. I'm lucky to have a couple of best friends who I can share my deepest darkest secrets with and who if I had a strange body problem going on or was in a sticky situation I could confide in them to help a girl out. Likewise my mum is also like my best friend and has always supported me with all of my choices in life and been my number one fan. Even if you have 1 close friend who you share all your fun moments with, it's more than a lot of people ever find!

5. You know what true independence is. Moving country/city/town to go to university is a big step in itself. I know people who are comfortable staying in their own town their whole lives but personally I feel like that's just shutting yourself to a whole world of experiences and really 'finding yourself'. Had I not gone to uni and had stayed living with my parents all these years I probably still wouldn't know how to use the washing machine (kidding, kinda). 

6. You've hit rock bottom. The only good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there's only one way up. We all get our down days and sadly its unavoidable, we can't all be happy all the time. But by failing and making mistakes is the only way we learn to grow and get better. 

7. You can cook a home-cooked meal. There's a lot of people out there who still manage to mess up boiling an egg, so if you can get beyond that tap yourself in the back. Not only because you can be a 'housewife and cook your lazy husband dinner every night' but it's just great to be able to hold your own. Also men, who doesn't love a guy who cooks!

8. You know when to say no and stand by your opinions. Part of growing up is learning to make tough decisions and not be such a push over. I've left a job I wasn't happy with before, and turned down plans/work opportunities that I just didn't seem fair and that's ok. We can't always please everyone and sometimes we have to be selfish, and I think that's a great life lesson in itself. 

9. You've had some sort of work experience. Even if it was sitting in a dental office for 5 hours a day in year 10 as part of your school programme, you've already gained another step on the ladder to reaching success. Getting a job is harder than ever and I know getting rejection after rejection is demotivating and makes you want to drop everything and go work as a shot girl in Ibiza, but your time will come and you will be a superstar x

10. You've travelled outside of your own country. I am so incredibly jealous of people who are jetting off to travel the world after graduating and wish I had the money to do the same but I was stupid and saved nada. Even though I haven't travelled half as much as a lot of people I know, I have had some amazing opportunities and I know there is no rush, and even stepping out of Gibraltar (and Spain) is a great achievement and I can't wait to explore the rest of the world. 

11. You get out of bed everyday. I wrote a blog post all about taking care of yourself and I believe even getting out of bed everyday is a success in itself. We all have down days where we don't want to talk to anyone and just stay under the covers all day watching Friends, and that's ok too. 

12. You have your freedom. I could write an essay about this and list all the men and women who have fought in the past to get us where we are. The fact that us women got to exercise our right to vote yesterday shows we have a  say in our future and we have the luxury of having a voice. Not only this, we have the freedom of movement, and basically to do what ever the hell we bloody want (if Trump permits it). As my favourite gal Lana Del Rey says, "it takes getting everything you've ever wanted and then losing it to know what true freedom is." I don't know how much truth there is in that, but there you go. 

 I feel like sometimes (myself included) need to remind ourselves of the accomplishments we make in life instead of dwelling on the things we haven't achieved yet. If you feel like you need to speak to someone then there are therapists online who could give you some more professional advice. To continue with this uplifting post, I'd love to know in the comments what some of your greatest accomplishments have been that you are proud of!

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