Tuesday 27 June 2017

When you love makeup, you can sometimes get bored of doing your usual thing. I like to try and mix things up a bit, and discovering new products is always fun. Sometimes you need a new place to look for inspiration so you can change up your look and try out some new techniques. Just adding some new products to your usual routine can help you change things around, whether you're trying a new colour of something you already use or using something brand new that you've never tried before. If you're bored of your usual makeup choices, I've got some great recommendations to make things exciting again.

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A New Colourful Palette

A bit of colour added to your makeup can definitely lift you out of boredom. I know we all tend to stick to the colours we know look good, but it's good to experiment sometimes too. If you're not sure what sort of colours to try, you can look at all kinds of people for inspiration. They could be stage actors, musicians or models. I like looking at what's on trend, although the current big thing won't always suit everyone. But that doesn't mean you can't take inspiration from people and borrow elements from different makeup looks. Add lots of colour to your makeup collection with a brand new palette of eyeshadow, or maybe a selection of lipsticks and nail polishes.

Products from the Pros

When I'm looking for quality products, I'll often look at what professional makeup artists recommend. They use great quality products because they need to use makeup that looks great and doesn't fade. You can easily discover some brands that are pro favourites, like RCMA cosmetics, which comes from the Research Council of Makeup Artists. As well as being used for special effects and theatrical makeup, their products are excellent for general beauty too. I love that they have foundation palettes, which are great for getting your colours just right.

Make Your Makeup Last

As mentioned above, professional makeup has staying power, and your makeup should too. That's why one of my favourite products used by professionals is a powder for setting makeup. No one likes makeup rubbing off on their clothes or hands, smudging in the rain, or just fading throughout the day. Aside from using some professional products when you're applying anything from foundation to eyeshadow, a setting powder is another top choice. It's not so much that it will change your makeup look, but that it's a game changer. Touching up your makeup becomes much rarer, which is why I love it.

A Good Concealer and Good Concealer Knowledge

I know most people probably already have a concealer in their makeup collection. But I'm not sure if a lot of people use their concealer in the best way or use the right one. I've got some great use from the anti-blemish device I tried out recently, but concealer is still essential for hiding blemishes and highlighting too. Some people go for a bit too much foundation, when they should make more use of their concealer. You can use it to highlight different areas without caking on too much foundation. I've used both more expensive brands like MAC and cheaper ones like Seventeen and both have been great, so don't think a good concealer is dependent on price. If you want to find the best one for you, try out a few different products to see what works.

Smokey Eye Kit

Smokey eyes are not going to go away anytime soon. While they can be more or less dramatic depending on trends (and personal preference), they tend to always be around in some form. If you want to have more dramatic makeup, think about how you could create your own personal smokey eyes. If you've tried smokey eyes before and they end up more like panda eyes, you can find some easy tutorials to follow on Youtube and other places. My recommended products would be a sharp eyeliner pencil, a good mascara and some light and dark neutral eyeshadow shades.

Look for Some Fun and Playful Products

Some makeup looks are for work or going on a first date. Others can be more fun, for when you're going out with friends. Instead of sticking to your standard everyday makeup look, you can get more experimental. You might not do it for work, but if you're going to a club, who says you can't do something a bit different? Even when you're in an environment when you can't get too fun, you can still try some different colours. If you want to get more playful with your makeup, I would say to try out some brighter colours to your usual look. I also know a lot of people love glitter and I have to say I'm a fan too. There's a reason there's a unicorn craze at the moment, and it's because everyone loves glitter and rainbows (and magical horses).

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