Friday 15 September 2017

For the last four years, September has meant going back to university, and having the time of my life. Now that that is officially over, I am now an adult with a 9-5 job who goes to bed at midnight and spends £3 on a vanilla latte every morning - boring and monotonous right? Hands up if you're in this pool of people who have now been told a dozen times 'the fun is over!' 'time to start planning for the future!' It's always handy to keep a savings account to you know, be backed up if you suddenly fall pregnant or want to buy your own car or house, but it doesn't mean life has to become routinely and boring when you finish university. Hence this post full of wonderful things to fill your time. 

1. Get a routine you can shake up. 

Starting the list off with a minor contradiction, but sometimes a routine of when you do things can make your life less stressful and make you feel more organised. Just change up the elements of it - for me 3:30pm is tea time every day at work, but now and again I tried it in for a chai latte (wild one). If you go to the gym every day at 6pm, don't go run on the treadmill everyday, if you go to Costa with your pals every Wednesday at 4pm go to a local cafe the next. Ya get what I'm saying? 

2. Change up your Friday nights. 

When you live in a place that literally has 2 clubs, going out may sometimes end up feeling like a chore than a chance to let your hair down - especially when you know what the night is going to entail (the same as every week). Try going out in a completely new area, or have your friends round to make cocktails instead. 

3. Start a book club. 

If it takes you 5 years to read an 100 page book, having a book club might force you to actually read the book on your nightstand and make you want to keep up with everyone else instead of using it as a paper weight. I've tried to get into the habit of reading Rebecca for an hour every night before bed but alas my twitter feed has been appealing to me more.

4. Throw things back to before uni. 

If you and your friends used to go to the cinema every Saturday night, or watch X Factor at your friend Stacey's house then try re-visiting that. There's something fun and nostalgic about repeating past routines. Nothing says bonding like forcing your pre-uni friendships! 

5. Bring something new into your world. 

Nothing shakes up your life quite like having a baby! But if you want to spice up your life for you know, short-term purposes then you could always buy a pet, grow some plants, buy some new furniture, start a record collection, become the next Picasso. 

6. Plan staycations.

I've probably mentioned this in like 5 other blog posts, but it's always great to take time to explore your own country and what it has to offer. Spend the weekend eating in local restaurants you haven't tried, exploring the sites and stay in a fancy hotel that uses a button to open the curtains.

7. Actually make an effort to see people you're always meaning to arrange with.

We're all familiar with the the phrase "we need to catch up soon!" and we know 9/10 times you never actually catch up. Now that you're settled for a while it's a great time to reconnect with people you haven't seen in a while. You might have been missing out and strike up a great friendship again. 

8. Get away. 

Is it really one of my blog posts if I don't suggest taking a trip? Life can't be exciting all the time, but it's worthwhile when you have things to look forward to and plan. Heck I'm already Pinterest boarding for my trips in April next year. Even if it's just a spa weekend, or going horse riding in Spain, have a fun agenda.

9. Go on dates.

If you live somewhere like London, then go on as many different dates as your heart desires (and grab all the free meals you can get). This is a bit harder when you live in a small town because they might end up being cousins which will make family get togethers a lot more awkward if you end up dating. 

10. Take the time to become the best version of yourself. 

To end on a soppy note, use your time to improve what you always say you want to change - work towards your dream body, learn to finally drive (me), start a Youtube channel with your songs, read more about current affairs, invest in the stocks and try and become a millionaire, the opportunities are endless!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post, and as always I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments and what you guys do to fill your spare time! 


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