Tuesday 29 August 2017

Let me start this blog post by warning you, there will probably be spoilers. So if you're not a true fan and still haven't watched the finale then bookmark this post and read it after. Okay so with that out of the way, how intense was that last episode?! There were some epic reunions and we finally got that incestual love making session some of us had hoped for, which might have gone down better had it not taken place whilst Bran was narrating the fact they were in fact auntie and nephew. Before the GOT hype winds down for two years until the final season, I thought it would be a good time to ask you guys what your theories for the final season are, and then you can use this as proof if any of this actually comes true so you can show off to your friends that you were right.

jon snow

1. "Bran is actually the night king. He went back in time to stop the children of the forest creating the white walkers and in doing so turned himself" - Alex, 25

2. "Everyone dies and Ed Sheeran's character will end up on the Iron Throne with his stupid guitar" - Grace, 22 

3. "Tyrion is actually a Targaryen, because the mad king was allowed to sleep with whoever he wanted so he slept with Tyrion's mum and Tyrion was born. Also explains why Tywin always said he wasn't a real Lannister and why he was able to touch the dragon last season. Also ties in with Dany and Jon and the whole mother dying at childbirth and he would be the last head of the three headed dragon" - Lisa, 23 

4. "My original theory was that Arya wasn't actually Arya and instead someone had taken her face (which would have explained her odd behaviour) but then Sansa surprised us all by finally turning on littlefinger in that last episode so scrap that. " - Matt, 23 

5. "I think Jaime will be the one to kill Cersei. I reckon Cersei will kill Tyrion and Jaime will take revenge and kill her in the last episode" - Brad, 22 

6. "Jon and Dany gonna make some incest babies and Jon is gonna sacrifice himself in order to kill the Night King but his legacy will live on in his son! Cersei also gonna die by Jaime's hand. George RR Martin will probably kill off all off the best characters too, adiós Missandei, Greyworm, Ser Davos, Bronn, Brienne etc!"- Rachel, 23 

7. "Firstly I think Cersei will be branded as the 'Mad Queen' and seeing how Jaime killed the 'Mad King' I think it's only fitting that he kills her too. Regarding the white walkers I'm hoping for some Disney magic in that the dead dragon see's his bro's and has a hint of compassion and you know, doesn't kill everyone" - Hannah, 23 

8. "The biggest ones i have is i think jon snow will turn into half white walker to be able to fight the night king. I also think bran is the night King, the children of the forest stuck Dragon glass in a man's heart and I think bran was warped in his body to stop them creating the white walkers and it failed, thus creating the white walkers. Also cersei will die. she was given 3 prophecies 3 of which have been fulfilled but in the books it goes further and says she'll die at the hands of the valonqar, which means brother, I think she'll either directly by her or.. here's the fun part, arya will do it, by killing Jamie first and using her no one skills to make a mask out of him and kill cersei herself(I hope it comes true). and my final theory is that tyrion is actually targaerian and not a lannister, probably explaining why his "father" hated him so much" - Janelle, 23

9. "This has come from the last episode, but I think Tyrion promised Cersei that her baby would be the heir to the throne, but now Daenerys will probably be pregnant and hence the 'oh shit' expression we saw on Tyrion as this will compromise the deal they made. I think Cersei will think Tyrion knew she was pregnant bla bla and she'll kill him." - Josh, 23 

10. "I feel like Arya's going to take someones face - either Sansa's (less likely after the final ep) or someone else's. I also thing she'll be the one to kill Cersei. She is on her kill list after all!" - Sam, 23 

❄️ What did you guys think of the final episode? What are your predictions for season 8? 🔥


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