Tuesday 28 November 2017

Me and food have a pretty rollercoastered relationship, there are days where I just crave greens and then there are days where I want to stuff my face with everything above 1000 calories. Having embarked on this lifestyle change this year I've become more interested in what I actually put in my body, and enjoy exploring the different effects different 'diet/lifestyle plans' have. I've decided to make it a monthly task to try a different thing, well for like two weeks (vegans, stay tuned). This month the lovely people at SoShape sent me a two week plan to try and test and I'm here to tell you all about it.

What is SoShape? 

So firstly, what on earth is it? Soshape is a French brand that sells smart meals, shakes, soups and 'pot noodles' as I like to describe them, that come in cute little triangle pouches. Each pouch usually has around 210 calories and is filled with all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs in one meal (20g of protein, 3.5g of fat, 20.9g of carbs roughly). Flavours vary from salted caramel to vegetable soup to pesto pasta. They are perfect for anyone looking to reboot their body or fancy a 'shake' up hehe. 

The Plan.

Once you order your soshape package you get a handy manual that's filled with everything you need to know about the plan, the drinks and when to take them and how. Make sure you read this or you might end up with a very soggy risotto. They currently offer 3 'challenges' that range from reboot, remove and reboot. I chose the 'remove' challenge which comes with 30 smart meals, a shaker and a handbook.

The plan is designed for you to have one shake in the morning, whatever you want for lunch and then one for dinner. It's pretty hard to go over your calorie count as at 200 each you still have another 1000 to play with during the day, so you won't be going hungry!

G's Thoughts.

I started this plan the week of my graduation and was substituting my dinner with these shakes for 3 days, I surprisingly went down 1kg in that short space of time (considering I wasn't doing any exercise and eating pizza for lunch). I know a lot of people don't like shake plans but for me it was just like having a protein shake but slightly more filling. I do have to say the sweet flavours (cookies and cream, salted caramel, white chocolate and vanilla) were a lot more appetising than the savoury ones. To be honest I gave up with the pesto pasta half way through and made some chicken instead as it was just a no no from me. They were however a lot easier to grab and take to work for lunch meals. 

The Verdict. 

If I look at this purely as a weight loss/diet goal then this definitely worked in that sense, I shed 2.5kg in the two weeks, but I also eat on average 1200-1400 calories a day so I wasn't stuffing my face at lunch time every day. Results always vary for individuals as it also depends how much exercise you're doing and how strict you're being with yourself. I didn't drink the shakes on the weekends as I wasn't home so slipped out of the routine I bit. Hunger wise, I managed well. I had a small snack with the evening shakes just to get me something to chew on but I wasn't necessarily hungry after.

The plans don't come cheap, and my challenge will set you back 100 euros. However if you really need that jumpstart on your weight loss journey and don't have time to cook meals or know where to start, then this is worth starting with. It's important to mention that these are meant to be part of a balanced diet and not as a long-term plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you'd get bored and it wouldn't be very sustainable.

Have you guys tried any interesting diet plans lately? If you're interested in trying the challenge, use code TEAWITHG10 to get 10% off your 14 or 28-day Challenge, UK only! If you're reading this, comment below with what you're having for dinner tonight because I need ideas!

* this product was gifted to me by SoShape but all opinions are my own*


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