Friday 1 December 2017

As if we are at the end of the year already! To be honest, November and December have pretty much merged into one long month with everyone starting the Christmas celebrations so early, but as from tomorrow we get to eat daily chocolates too. At the beginning of this month I finally graduated from Bournemouth University! which feels like forever ago now, and being back in UK means I got to pick up a few bits and bobs which have made it into my November favourites. 



First on the list is the Mario Badescu Rose Water, I had been lusting after this product for ages! My friend swears by it and I love anything rose scented so I picked up a bottle of this at Urban Outfitters. I try to go make-up free during the weekends so this is when I mainly use this to keep my face cool and refreshed throughout the day. It's created with a blend of herbal extracts and rosewater, and lightly refreshes the skin whilst also boosting hydration and relieving dehydrated skin. I have pretty sensitive skin so this is perfect for calming it down in the sun and in harsh weather.

rose water

My skincare routine at the moment couldn't be anymore Simple, aha see what I did there. I used to use the Simple skincare when I was a teenager (after Proactiv to get rid of my teenagey spotty skin) because it was what my mum used. What I love about it is that it only contains a few ingredients, is inexpensive and it works. My skin always feels so clean and refreshed after using the exfoliating cleanser and toner. I've also been using the facial scrub twice a week and it seems to be improving my newly discovered blemishes on my chin.


Lastly on the list is the Collection contour palette which comes at a grand total of £6! This is actually the second time I've purchased this as it's inexpensive and it works, and I only ever contour my face when I go out out (like once a week). It's a very creamy and easy to use kit for anyone who's just starting out with contouring or doesn't want the look to be very extreme.



So whilst I was back in England I got to reunite with my love, Odeon. Sadly I had to pay full price on both my trips there because I no longer have an Odeon Limitless card or no longer a student, sad times. I went to see Murder on the Orient Express and The Killing of a Sacred Lamb, the latter being the more 'wtf' of the two. MOTOE boasted a very impressive cast, although Johnny Depp has seen better days, and it's not a movie you can just have on in the background as there is a lot of talking in it. We only went to see TKOASL because we had two hours to kill in Southampton before picking up my sister, and apart from the movie being very odd with random opera music throughout I was also sitting through it with wet socks from the rain, which paired with the air con was not an enjoyable two hours.

orient express

Last week I went to see the highly anticipated Justice League, mainly to watch Wonder Woman to get my motivation back for the gym because she is always kicking the most ass. I don't really have a side when it comes to DC/Marvel movies, but after the disaster of Batman V Superman I wasn't sure what to expect from this. It was good, the Flash (Ezra Miller) was cute and hilarious and well, Aquaman. The only thing I found was that it was a bit rushed, but apparently Zack Synder was told that it had to be under 2 hours, so that explains it. If you're looking for a good thriller to watch, Berlin Syndrome was an interesting watch and probably put me off meeting cute foreign guys when I go travelling, I won't give anything else away.


I binge watched the last two seasons of Power in like a week and now I wish I didn't because I need Tommy's crude humour back in my life. Other than that I watched Jack Whitehall's: Travels with my Father on Netflix this week and got quite a few good laughs out of it. I don't find him very funny as a comedian but his father especially in this (mainly the fact this was all the opposite to the kind of travel he is probably used to) was great. 


I'd actually been to Bath twice before to visit my friend in University, but never got round to seeing the Roman Baths. At £18 it doesn't exactly come cheap to see a couple of rooms but it was interesting to see the history behind it (and get some good shots for Instagram of course).


Highlight of the month 

I guess the biggest highlight of the month was graduation! It was so lovely to see my friends again and it's sad that I probably won't see some of them ever again and who knows how long until I see some of my other close ones, probably at their future weddings. God was definitely on our side as it was all blue skies that day so we managed to get some great photos by the beach in Bournemouth. It's sad that my university chapter is officially closed and more so that I don't qualify for any student discounts anymore, but I'm also excited for all the opportunities and experiences that now lie ahead.


That's all for this month! What have been some of your favourites this month? Feel free to link your blog posts below as I'd love to check them out! 


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