Thursday 14 December 2017

Now that we're almost half way through December, it's a good time to start reflecting on the past year before we look forward to the future and whatever 2018 has in store for us. I'd like to kick things off with a round up of places I've had the pleasure of visiting in 2017, as it's probably the year I've managed to squeeze in the most mini trips (basically what my savings go to). If wanderlust isn't your thing, stay tuned for posts on movies and resolutions coming soon! But for now, here are my travel highlights of 2017. 


Kerala, India.

The biggest highlight has to be the two weeks I spent in India with Kerala Blog Express. I was very lucky to be selected along with 29 other bloggers from around the world for a trip of a lifetime. We got to see everything from the backwaters of Allepey to trekking the mountains of Munnar. I fell in love with jackfruit, slept on a train bed, stayed in a hotel with my own private swimming pool and built a slightly higher tolerance for spicy food. Not to mention I spent 2 weeks with the most fun and interesting characters and not a day went by where something didn't make me cry of laughter. As an adult there aren't many times where you get to make 'new friends' or share experiences with strangers, so this was a great opportunity in many ways that I will always treasure. 


Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

I finally got to go to Amsterdam this year after three failed attempts because life got in the way. I felt like I had walked in to a postcard because I'd seen so many photos of the pretty canals and narrow buildings, but it was just as pretty in person. One of the highlights was that there were free cheese samples in like every corner, and I'm quite the queso fan. One experience I'll probably never forget is walking through the Red Light District whilst erm, immersing ourselves in the dutch 'culture' which lead us to think we were basically walking through one of those haunted mansions because my friend Claire was sure they were made of wax and moving. For my travel guide take a look here.


Berlin, Germany.

I remember Berlin being cold, and we strangely ate lots of Italian food (and a Currywurst of course). I loved the walking tour of Berlin because as expected, there was a lot of interesting history to discuss. One memorable thing about Berlin was definately the nightlife. We went on a pub crawl which took us through a few of the underground 'techno clubs' that basically look like house parties in abandoned buldings, so that was cool. We also ended up in a club that had five different dance floors, so whatever music you're into there was something for you there. For my travel guide take a look here. 


Tangiers, Morocco.

Ah Morocco, my last holiday in the sun. Not like it mattered because we had no time to make use of the pool, but I loved that I could wear very comfortable clothes here, which made mounting a camel a lot easier. Being from Gibraltar means making a trip over to Morocco is fairly easy, and you can be there within 2 hours of travel. So why has it taken me 23 years to do so? For my travel guide take a look here. 


Copenhagen, Denmark.

This trip has been so recent that I haven't really had time to reflect and some of my body parts are probably still frozen from the cold. Jokes aside, Copenhagen was so lovely and picturesque. I'm still in the process of writing up my travel guide so stay tuned for the details soon. In hindsight we were lucky because last weekend tons of flights there were cancelled, so we missed the snow trouble by a few days!


This post was written in collaboration with Holiday Gems. Did you venture away anywhere exciting this year? Have you been to any of these places. 


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