Thursday, 28 December 2017

If you know me IRL or have noticed that I keep a post bookmarked to my page with every movie I've seen (as of last year), then you'll know I spend a lot of time at the cinema, when I can drag someone to come with me. 2017 brought us a couple of highly anticipated movies and some remakes and these are just some of the ones that I found to be particularly memorable and heart pumping. Bearing in mind that I have not seen all 394895 movies that have been released in 2017, so if your favourite isn't on this list, please leave it in the comments below as I probably haven't seen it! 

I've never seen the original, read the book or neither am I particularly fond of clown movies. However this movie was thoroughly enjoyable and spine tingling. It's always great when a horror has moments of comedy so you can you know, breathe out for a second. 

Get Out

This film had a unique plot and scared me in ways that did not revolve around jump scares and also earned a solid 8/10 on my movie list, which I don't give out easily. 

Hidden Figures

This movie made me want to go and learn about science and go make history or something. Great cast and an emotional rollercoaster. 


I watched this at the cinema yesterday with my little bro and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, and cried for different reasons. He was very sad that their dog died because it reminded him of his dead fish. Great movie that has a lesson for people of all ages. 

Wonder Woman

The best movie to come out of DC Comics in a while in my opinion, Gal Gadot makes you want to stop scoffing down a box of popcorn and go do some high kicks in the bathroom. 

Beauty and the Beast

No one wanted to come see this at the cinema with me so I watched a very gritty version of this on my laptop. Admittedly the songs weren't as fun to sing as in the Disney animation but the adaptation was great and Emma Watson fit the part perfectly. 


I probably enjoyed this more than the original spider-man movies (sorry I skipped on the Andrew Garfield ones) Even though it featured some of the original characters it had a refreshing story and Tom ???? made you feel like he was your annoying little bro.

What Happened to Monday

Me and my fam/friends have pretty much 'completed' Netflix so we are now approaching the 20th rows where no one has heard of the titles. Luckily this movie newly appeared on their this month and it was simply great. The trailer was enticing but didn't give too much away and the movie was complete with a twist of course. There was action, there was comedy and an all round 8/10 from me and my pals on my movie list. 

A Cure for Wellness

This film was very weird, and put me off drinking tap water for about a week or so. Again the storyline was unique and disturbing but kept me (and my mum who always falls asleep) awake during the two hour showing. 

Girls Trip (Rough Night)

I feel like this film and 'Rough Night' were basically the same thing but one of them clearly came out on top with a funnier cast. This is one of those films you watch with your gal pals and choose which character you each are in the film, as one does. 

Hacksaw Ridge 

I've never really been a fan of war movies, unless there's cute actors in it hehe. That aside this movie was emotional and again I didn't lose interest at all, so it's obvious to see why it was Oscar nominated. 

I just realised I forgot to add La La Land to this list, but I thought I'd be controversial and leave it out. What was your favourite movie of 2017?


  1. I absolutely loved Wonder Woman and Spider Man!! Basically loved all Marvel films this year. I haven't been to the cinema as much this year because I've been so busy but I need to watch Wonder! x

  2. Hidden Figures was one of my fav as well, like you it made me want to get into Science ahah The whole thing was just so interesting!!!
    Beauty and The Beast was my all time fav tho, I re-watched it over Christmas and I am obsessed! Emma was perfect and I loved Luke Evans playing Gaston xox

  3. I think I need to go and make time for most of these as I've only seen Beauty and the Beast, how crazy? I loved reading all about your favourite movies though. xx

    Kristy |

  4. I am still yet to see beauty and the beast I am dying to watch it! As for films I've loved in 2017, it has got to be Dunkirk. This was a film my dad practically dragged us to the cinema to see and I really didn't think I would be that interested. I came out of the film in complete awe and absolutely loved every second of it!

    Sarah | xx

  5. I always enjoy a good cinema trip as well, although I have started going on my own when nobody fancies accompanying me! That's exactly what I did when I went to see Beauty and the Beast, I took myself on a little solo date night and found it really liberating! The film definitely features on my top movie list from 2017 as well! I really enjoyed the new Kingsman movie, so that would also feature on my list! I can't believe I still haven't seen Wonder Woman though - I must pick up a DVD from CEX when I next go in!

    Abbey 😘

  6. I can't believe that I haven't seen most of these films; that needs to change very soon! I did watch Beauty and the Beast which I thought was a beautiful film adaptation; the characters were stunning! xx


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