Monday 19 February 2018

Happy Monday everyone! I thought this would be a great post to publish today to kick off some Monday motivation. Originally this post was meant to be called '365 days of learning' and the challenge was to learn something new everyday. However we are now half way through February and I also thought of the days I was going to be laying in bed after a night out, and the only thing I'd be learning was the best methods to get rid of a hangover. So instead, I want to make this more of an on going thing to do as often as possible. 

I feel like as adults, once we leave university our brains get pretty comfortable doing the same things - far gone are the days of exams and course work and instead our minds switch to our regular working day tasks and whether conspiracy theories about mattress stores are true or not. Which is why I've combined this very productive list of ways to become smarter and expand your knowledge as an adult.  


1. Exercise your mind. 

This point was inspired by Bastille as I am currently listening to Send Them Off! and I thought it said 'exercise' up until right now, but turns out it's exorcise. In order to get smarter, you need a clear mind, and what better way to do that than with yoga. 

2. Go to a pub quiz. 

It doesn't take much to convince me to come along to a pub quiz, I bloody love them. In fact we spent pretty much every Tuesday of my time at University going to the uni pub quiz. Sadly we only one a grand total of once and that's because there was a special Disney round. I don't think people usually retain a lot of general knowledge post quiz, but it's always great when a random fact you over heard two years ago gets you fastest answer in a room where nobody else got it right. If you don't fancy leaving your house, there's always Sporcle. 

3. Watch a Ted talk before bed. 

This is honestly changing my life - I even woke up feeling slightly more like Carrie Bradshaw strutting down Main Street. This is especially relevant for learning new stuff about yourself, and generally being a better person and aware of the world around you. There's talks on everything from 'there's more to life than being happy' to 'the surprising solution to ocean plastic' - so there is really something that touches on most aspects of life. 

4. Google things straight away. 

How many times have you read a book and not known what a word meant? Or heard someone talk about an iconic person in history and pretended you knew who the hell they were on about? Whenever this happens to me I think to myself 'remember to search that up later' but 9/10 times I don't, and alas I still have no idea who Maha Vajiralongkorn is (if you googled this, I'd love to know in the comments if you were curious). So I want to make it a point of actually searching things up when I don't know the answer. 

5. Ask questions. 

Nothing holds a person back more from growing than their pride. A lot of the time when you're having conversations with people they kind of expect you to know what they're on about and we as humans usually just nod our heads agree with whatever they're saying. Don't have a clue what Bitcoin is? Ask. Have a friend from Zimbabwe and know nothing about the place? Ask. Don't know the capital of Spain? Maybe google that one. 

6. Play drinking games 

This might be counteractive because alcohol isn't the best for your memory, but if you're going to drink anyway you might as well add some benefits to it. Drinking games (or regular games) are great because they usually make you think, and compile lists and memorise things and all that stuff. Naturally, I have a blog post all about drinking games to help boost your memory. 

7. Do something daily that uses both sides of your brain. 

In a nutshell, the left side of your brain is responsible for performing logical tasks whereas the right side of your brain is for all that creative stuff. Hence why you can listen to someone talk whilst drawing a picture (that's as much as I can recall from a-level Psychology). If you're in a job that mostly requires you to use the left side of your brain, try doing creative tasks where you can fit them in and vice versa. 

I hope this has been an interesting post to read guys! I write these posts for myself as well as for you guys, so I'm not claiming I'm Einstein and have the answers to everything in life, I just like sharing with you guys the ideas that cross my little brain. What's the last random bit of knowledge you guys have learnt?


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