Tuesday 13 February 2018

After the success of last year's Valentine's post on what people had learnt from their past relationships,  I thought I'd put together another nosey post. This time on what people viewed as relationship 'deal breakers' - in other words, what would you have to do to make this person not or want, to date you (maybe take notes). The general consensus was that people had an issue with people not liking cats/dogs, so I guess there could be worse things to be picky about. I'm actually allergic to cats, but for the right person, I'll take allergy tablets for you.  

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1. "If they didn’t like cats and had bad breathe I would be out the door in seconds. Or if they couldn't put up with my indecisiveness at a restaurant." - Zoe, 22 

2. "If they aren't into pizza, how else am I meant to get the meal deals?" - Christina, 23

3. "Someone cheating on me would absolutely break my heart. I'd rather someone tell me they no longer loved me than cheat on me!" - Chloe, 19

4. "I think the biggest deal breaker for me is someone who couldn't make me laugh. You can get better in the bedroom, compromise on movie night or try and smoke less for them, but you can't suddenly become funny" - Jane, 24

5. "When they pick their nose and eat their bogies. Deal Broken." - Jo, 26

6. "Someone who doesn't has a similar personality to myself and the same level of commitment in a relationship." - Male, 26

7. "A girl that doesn’t like the banger No Scrubs - TLC!" - Max, 23

8. "If they didn't want to have a pet dog, or didn't listen to my song recommendations." - Brad, 23

9. "I think if a girl put down my dreams and aspirations that would be a deal breaker for me. If you partner doesn't inspire and support you then who will?" - James, 25

10. "A man who didn't have any drive or ambition in his life, that was 30 and still spends all his weekends partying with the 'boys' and not saving any money and thinking of the future. Doesn't mean he has to be boring but mature and sensible I guess!" - Female, 24

11. "Someone who judged my eating habits and was too critical of me - I had an ex who would comment on what I ordered when out and that I was going to get big if I ate too many carbs (I was a size 8!)" -  Sophie, 23 

12. "A woman who spends more time taking selfies and updating their social media statuses than speaking to me." - Tom, 25

13. "If they wanted me to call them daddy." - VolubleBlogger, 27

14. "The words: "Beyonce is so overrated." - Molly, 23

15. "'When he accuses you of being in love with your best friend, even though I'm gay and she's a girl." - Jona, 19

16. "if he was scared of planes, or had no interest in exploring other cities/cultures and his idea of travel was going up the coast every summer." Alex, 21 

17. "A man who just saw me as his girlfriend/housewife and not his best friend. I.e. never invites me to go out with his friends." - Sarah, 23

18. "A girl who was still good friends with her ex, some things should stay in the past." - Male, 23

19. "A guy who wasn't ok with the wedding song, baby names, wall decor I already had planned before we met" - Female, 23

20. "Girls with long unpainted toe nails." - Male, 24 

I hope this post made you all hopeful! What are some of your relationship deal-breakers? However you spend your day tomorrow, Happy Valentine's Day my teacups!


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